Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What Branch of Government is Responsible for Making Our Laws?

    When we were in school we learned that there are 3 branches of government, the Executive (the President), the Legislative (the Congress) and the Judicial (the Supreme Court). We learned that the Executive branch executed the laws made by Congress, or the Legislative branch and the Supreme Court reviewed the laws.  These responsibilities are laid out in our Constitution and have been since the adoption of our Constitution.  These facts are always taught in American civics classes in all US schools and are actually questions asked on the US Citizenship test that all immigrants must take to become Naturalized Citizens.

    But if someone answers the question about what branch of government  is responsible for making our laws by saying the Congress, they now would be answering incorrectly.  Over the past couple of decades this has changed and since the Trump Administration came to power with a Republican majority in Congress the answer of the Congress being responsible for making our laws in now invalid.  Thanks to the GOP, selling their responsibilities, there is a new branch of government.  That new branch is the National Rifle Association.  Yes, now the NRA is responsible for making our laws.  Thanks to our cowardly and ineffective leader, who just a couple of weeks ago promised to buck the NRA and propose stronger gun regulations, now has reneged on his promise and has decided to adopt the NRA's policies on weaker gun controls!  This happened after a lunch meeting between Trump and the NRA.  I'm sure the NRA picked up the tab and also left a hefty gift to Trump's campaign chest!

  We have the best Congress and President that NRA money can buy!!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Whose Lives are More Important?

Photo courtesy Hurlburt Field

    Yesterday Trump met with the survivors and their parents of the Parkland, Fl. school shooting in a listening and sharing session.  There were also parents of victims of previous school shootings, such as Columbine and Sandy Hook.  It was an extremely emotional meeting and it was very difficult to watch some of the news coverage.  Trump listened attentively and even had a handwritten script on how to act and what to say to those suffering.

    One very strange and hypocritical fact I realized from this meeting was that the students and their parents were very heavily vetted and background checked in order to attend the meeting! Why? Did the White House not want anyone who did not support Trump to say something that would upset him? Or was this only to ensure his safety?

   If it was to ensure his safety isn't it odd that these people were subject to more strict vetting than the person who purchased an AR-15 assault rifle and murdered their friends, family and fellow classmates?  I guess that goes to show us whose lives the White House values!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

There is No Diffeerence Between What Russia is Doing and What Fox News Does!

Image courtesy of Flickr

    Robert Mueller's recent indictment of 13 Russian nationals gives answers, as well as raises a lot of questions.  The indictments prove that the Russian government has actively been working for at least 4 years to affect our elections and ultimately bring down our democracy.  Finally we have definitive proof that Russia was involved in spreading lies, rumors and spreading false conspiracies to spread hate, mistrust and divisiveness among the American electorate. They used Facebook, Twitter and other social media to spread fake news about Hillary Clinton and any other candidate who was opposed to Trump.  They paid people to show up at Trump rallies dressed as Clinton in a prison uniform or to to hold disparaging placards demonizing Clinton.  They posted cartoons depicting Jesus as a Trump supporter, while Satan was a Clinton supporter.  There were hundreds of websites and groups that pretended to be written by American citizens, but in reality were written by agents of the Russian government. They even organized and supported rallies to further Trump's candidacy. And the ignorant ones among the American voters fell for it!  The indictments stated that the Russians used American citizens in their campaign, albeit most of them were unwilling.  There are I'm sure some who were quite willing to help.  Future indictments undoubtedly will follow and will include American citizens and most likely people connected to the Trump campaign.

    Russia's purpose in dividing the country and sowing hatred among our citizens was to elect Donald Trump.  They were afraid of Hillary Clinton, as they were of Obama and they wanted Trump because they could manipulate him.  The one question I have, is that if the Russians can be indicted for their spurious campaign aimed at electing Trump, why can't Fox news be indicted for doing the same thing?  Fox is a conservative leaning supposedly news outlet, which has in the past been an arm of the GOP.  Lately though it has become the propaganda wing of the Trump autocracy!  For years commentators at Fox news have specialized in racist, homophobic, anti-immigrant content to sow hatred and division among the American public.  They spent the entire Obama administration attacking Obama and his family, including his children with racist and anti-Muslim comments.  They viciously attacked Michelle Obama for once wearing a sleeveless dress, while saying nothing about our former porn star nude model Melania Trump.  They have pushed the "birther" lies about Obama, the debunked Benghazi investigation, the accusations that Obama was a Muslim, the lies about Obama taking away our guns and hundreds more lies.  Their news content is strictly geared to white supremacists and the NRA and is peppered with outright lies and misinterpretation of facts.  Their sole purpose is to instill hatred towards immigrants, people of color, the LGBT community, women, the disabled and anyone who is not a white, male, straight, Christian, uneducated, native born American! Even now in the wake of the tragedy in Parlkand, Florida, where 17 students were murdered, Fox is accusing the survivors, who are rallying for gun control, of being paid agitators of the left.  They are despicable!

    So what's the difference between the Russians and Fox News? I don't understand it! It it was any other organization other than Fox, it would be labeled a terrorist organization!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

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