Friday, January 27, 2017

Should We Be Afraid?

It's now been a week since Trump took office and his rhetoric continues to divide Americans, rather making any attempt to unite us. He has slapped gag orders on the departments of the US government, attacked the media for fact checking and spreading "fake news" and threatened those cities where was soundly defeated in the popular vote.  During his campaign we learned just how much of a vindictive person he was, attacking a Gold Star parent, a disabled reporter and various women who have accused him of sexual assault. Now he is President.

The day after his inauguration millions of people worldwide protested his presidency, yet he acted as if it never happened. He continued to live in his alternate universe of denial of reality and attacking all who may disagree with him. Thousand and thousands of people on social media such as Twitter and Facebook express their extreme displeasure with him. Mainstream media is finally summoning up the courage to call him on his lies and conspiracy theories. As this is the end of his first week in office I have to wonder. As their seems to be an attempt at stifling the press and free speech, will Trump's attention now be drawn to ferreting out all of those on social media who posted negative comments about him and then exacting his revenge! Remember what his colleague Richard Branson said in his blog post "Donald Trump told me he wanted "to spend the rest of his life" getting revenge"!  The Republican Congress seems to be unwilling and unable to protect American citizens from a potential authoritarian regime at this time. Do we have reason to be concerned?
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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Aristocracy That is Now America

King Donald


As of January 20, 2017, once Democratic America has officially become an authoritarian Aristocracy! Stoking fears of immigrants, Muslims, the LGBT community, foreigners and anyone who is different from a white, male Christian, Donald Trump rode a train of fear, racism and bigotry to the White House. Many people who felt disenfranchised especially economically, fell hook, line and sinker for his divisive rhetoric and promises of an improved life. These people were not swayed by his constant lying, his sexual assaults on women, his mockery of handicapped people and his outright hatred of Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks and other minorities. They didn't bother to investigate him further, choosing to listen to the propaganda of fake news as espoused by Fox News, Breibart and other such far right entities.  They didn't care! They thought he would bring them to riches, as he had done for himself, by inheriting wealth and screwing anyone who worked for him. They were too stupid to know better!

  In his inauguration speech, instead of trying to bring the country together he continued to divide the country and even offered to retaliate against those who voted against him. In his constant delusional state of mind, he insisted that his inauguration crowd was the largest in American history, even though tons of video, photographic and DC transportation department evidence disproves his blatant lies. Every day since his crowning as king, he has not let up on these lies. He now refuses to believe what is a proven fact, that he lost the popular vote "bigly".  He believes 3 million illegal immigrants fraudulently voted in the election!

For all those poor suckers who voted for him with expectations of an improved economic life let's look at what he has done so far.  First, he is a billionaire (supposedly) and he still refuses to release his income taxes, continuing to lie about them being audited. His mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway has told us that he will never release his taxes, even though he made numerous promises to do so during the campaign. Now the morons who voted for him still do have to pay taxes, while their hero most likely hasn't paid taxes in a decade.  Secondly his nominations for his cabinet are all at least millionaires, if not billionaires, with absolutely no experience whatsoever, except for the millions they donated to his campaign! Some nominees have even said they wish to dismantle the very agencies they were nominated to lead, while others have ties with big oil and would be positioned to benefit from their leadership.  According to The,"The amount of wealth possessed by the 17 picks, at least $9.5 billion, is greater than the 43 million least wealthy households in America."!  What makes the Trumpsters think they're going to be any better off under a bunch of millionaires and billionaires who got rich by taking advantage of people like them?  It's like putting a pedophile in charge of the kindergarten or an alcoholic in charge of a bar!

In  his short few days as president he has continued throwing tantrums about the popular vote, his inauguration crowds and the press, but he has accomplished a few things. He has endangered our environment and our health by putting gag orders on the EPA, the National Park Service and the FDA, to name a few. He is attempting to stifle the Freedom of the Press and he has ordered the building of the ridiculous wall. Oh, yeah, Trumpsters, he's taking away your health insurance to see how fast you guys can die off.  Some of his supporters see his reinstatement of the building of the Dakota pipeline and deregulation of some industries as providing jobs. This is true, for the time being, as there will only be temporary jobs created. But that won't really make a difference to the Trump supporters because they will all be gravely ill or dead, along with the rest of us, because of his destroying healthcare, the environment and the FDA, so that his buddies can reap record profits!

As Marie Antoinette once said, "Let them eat cake"!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wow! I Just Got Notice of My Social Security Cost Of Living Increase for 2017!

Wikimedia Commons

I just received the notice for amount of my Social Security increase for 2017. I got a 0.03% cost of living raise for 2017! I feel like I won the lottery! Wait a minute. The total increase was wiped out by the increase in the Part B premium increase! That's not a cost of living increase for me, it's a cost of living increase for the insurance. What a ripoff? And that moron, Speaker of the House Ryan wants to eliminate Social Security and Medicare. Any bets he will ask for a cost of living increase for himself and millionaire buddies?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Down, But Not Out

I promised myself that I wouldn't continue this blog by responding to everything that occurred during the past election. But things have changed. I like many others was shocked by the outcome. I could not believe how utterly stupid, ignorant and racist my fellow Americans were! I should have known by the number of Trump signs I observed prominently displayed in the yards of numerous run down shacks dotting the rural areas as I traveled the area. I can't say that all of Trump's supporters were ignorant and uneducated, but most of them were. I have pointed out to a few people I know who voted for Trump that he and especially Pence wanted to repeal same sex marriages and women would be denied birth control. They either said they didn't know that or it wasn't true. How stupid can you be? These people actually voted for someone without learning what they stood for! When I told them that my marriage could be dissolved and I would lose many rights they looked dumbfounded! I told them they voted to take away my rights and I can't forgive them!

I don't want to go on and on about Trump and the morons who supported him. I have to dwell on the present. I have to deal with my fears and uncertainty about the legality of my marriage, my civil rights and my Medicare and Social Security. I am so happy that I live in New York State. The taxes may be a bit high but at least I don't have to worry about what my friends and colleagues in the glorious South have to worry about!  I not only worry about myself and my husband, but I also worry about my friends who are Black, Hispanics, immigrants,  Muslims, handicapped or just plain different. As a student of history I cannot help but see the similarities between now and the rise of Hitler in Germany. I have heard many Americans say time after time "how  did the German citizens stand by an allow Hitler to do what he did?".  Well he was elected and no one did a thing! Not even the opposition party! Now Trump has been elected and there's nothing we can do. The Republicans, who now run the Congress and the Senate are afraid of Trump and they haven't got the balls to stand up to him. Many people say that Trump will be inevitably impeached. How can that happen if the Republicans cower in fear in his presence? He has 4 years to bully Congress and the Senate and force his racist and hateful agenda on a once proud country! At this point in time I really don't feel the Democrats have the balls to stand up to him either. I'll just have to wait and see.

I am slowly coming out of my despair, but I am still fearful and deeply disappointed in and embarrassed by my country. Up until November 8, 2016 the world looked to the USA as a beacon of hope and tolerance, for our acceptance of those who are different. We were a place where anyone, regardless of faith and race could make a successful life for themselves, if they worked hard.  Our reverent and famed Statue of Liberty has been replaced by a white robed and hooded figure yielding a noose and a gun with the words "Make America Great Again"!

I originally started this blog to share my opinion and also to hopefully make money from it. Well I will never make enough money to buy myself a decent dinner, but the blog is paid for another year so I guess I will continue writing. The contents may not always be about politics as I will write about what I am feeling. I just feel that until Trump is defeated I have to have some platform to vent my feelings, or else I will go crazy. I am not giving up. I am going to continue to voice my opinion and fight for what I believe.  The only difference is that last month I could blog without a worry, but now I have to look over my shoulder to see if Trump or his minions are watching! I am sorry if someone reads this and wants to make comments. I don't allow them because I don't want to argue with stupid, as I have tried to do before. If anyone reads my blog I will feel happy and flattered. If no one does, at least I have vented and I feel better about myself.
To be continued. Hopefully.