Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I would like to wish all of my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving. As the photo above shows the very first Thanksgiving, where the Native Americans welcomed and fed the original immigrants, let us all return to the spirit of those times. Let us all be real Americans and welcome all of those who want to join us in building a strong and unified America. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson Erupts - As Expected

Last night the Grand Jury in Ferguson, MO. announced it's verdict in the Darren Wilson case. Wilson is the white police officer who shot an killed a young Black man, Michael Brown. I can honestly say that I did not expect and indictment in this case, so I am not surprised. The Grand Jury was made up of 9 white people and 3 Black people, so both races were represented.

I am not going to say this decision was right or wrong. I studied what transcripts were available and could see that there were many discrepancies on both sides. I don't feel as though I can form an honest opinion on right or wrong, as I was not there in the Grand Jury and I was not a witness to the shooting. I don't know if justice was served or if the truth ever really emerged, because there have been so many rumors, untruths and outright lies spread around by so many people not involved in this case.

The case no longer involves the friends and families of the officer and the deceased, or the community of Ferguson, MO. In the past few months since the shooting, people and groups have come out of the woodwork to support either the shooter or the victim. The Klu Klux Klan, Anonymous, Rev. Al Sharpton and members of white supremacist or other right wing groups have become part of the fabric of demonstrations in this small community. Their purpose for their presence, in my opinion, is debatable. Most of them are there for their own self serving reasons or to push their own agenda. There are also people there for the best of reasons, supporting the families involved or the seeking racial harmony and justice.

Of all of these protesters there seems to be a minority who resort to violence to make some sort of point. It makes no sense to riot, burn and destroy in response to what may be perceived as a crime. This type  of behavior does nothing to ease racial tensions in the community. It only feeds the hatred and fuels the flames of discontent.

I do not feel for one minute that Ferguson does not have a race problem. For sure their are racist elements in the law enforcement agencies, as their are probably everywhere. There are also racist elements in both the white and Black communities. For sure the police department did not handle the shooting and ensuing demonstrations and riots with intelligence and professionalism. Ferguson will not be the only American community to suffer these types of situations, as it is only a matter of time before it happens again in some other community. Each community has to come face to face with racial problems that may or may not be apparent. They must work on understanding their minority communities and become aware of the sensitivities of all of their citizens.

I am not going to take sides, but I am going to place some blame on what has happened and is happening in Ferguson. I am going to place a very large percentage of blame for the riots and bloodshed on the people who are inciting this violent behavior - the MEDIA! Since the inception of 24/7 news channels, such as CNN and Fox News, it has become apparent that if these stations have no news, they will invent it. Watching reporters from CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC ABC and others one can see that when it comes to covering the riots and demonstration they are actually firing up the radicals on both sides in order to make news. When they have stoked the flames and created a violent street scene they become shocked and incensed when one of their reporters gets verbally attacked or even injured. In situations like this they believe that if there is no news, they can create their own.  I believe Fox News is the main culprit in flaming racial hatred. For six years they have attacked the President on one basic fact alone and that is because he is Black. In so demonically attacking him because of his race, they have set a new low standard for news broadcasting where it is acceptable to attack anyone of color, anyone of a different religion, gays or anyone who is not a white, male Christian.

The people of Ferguson and any community, where there are problems related to racism, bigotry and inequality, riots and violence are not the answer. You must register to vote and vote, not only in presidential or national elections, but in small local ones too. This last election was an example where people were lazy and did not vote their own personal interests, thus allowing right wing and fringe candidates, who are anti-immigrant and anti-minority social conservatives, to become elected.  Violence will not bring about change, people and their votes will bring about change!

Friday, November 21, 2014

OMG the Mexicans Are Going to Take My Job!

Well Obama has finally announced his executive actions on immigration and if you listen to
Fox News and the GOP the world is coming to an end. or at least there will be a flood of Mexicans coming to steal our jobs. For the past 6 years the Republicans have done nothing about immigration reform, except to demonize people of color, either citizens of the US or not. The Republican House of Representatives even had an immigration reform bill before them, but the whiner of a Speaker, Boehner refused to call a vote on the measure. Instead of doing nothing but complaining about brown skinned illegals stealing American jobs, as the Republicans and right wing have done, Obama finally took some action and led the way. By issuing the actions he has thrown a challenge to the GOP to actually do something. But instead of doing something about immigration reform, the GOP and their mouthpiece Fox News is stirring up their ignorant, right wind bigoted, racist base.

Now the right wingers are demanding that money be given to veterans instead of illegals. Pure idiocy. The money is not being taken away from the VA or other veterans groups. No the GOP already did that! Go online and see everything the Republicans defeated that was intended to help veterans.
Fox News has terrified the American worker by saying that these illegals are stealing American jobs. I don't know of many Americans, working as farm laborers for below poverty level wages, have had their jobs stolen by illegals! Quite the contrary. Owners of large cooperative farms, who wish to abide by the immigration laws and hire only documented laborers cannot find Americans to fill their jobs. I am sure that these loud mouthed right wingers would not last one day picking fruit or vegetables for a few dollars an hour and no benefits! At least now those illegals working here have to pay taxes, which will help improve our economy.

This type of reaction to immigrants is not new. Before Hispanic immigration the white folks accused the Italians of coming here to steal American jobs and before that those nasty Catholic Irish were coming here to steal jobs. Now in this country there are many legal immigrants studying at our universities and colleges from India and China and other countries of the world.These are the best and brightest in their fields of medicine, science and computers. Once they graduate though, our illogical and racist immigration laws refuse these people the right to stay in this country and work, sending them back to their home countries to further develop technology there, instead of the US. Slowly, but surely the US is losing her edge in the sciences and math only because of outdated and racist immigration policies.

The United States is a nation of immigrants and our education system, our industrial complex and our laws have been built by immigrants and children of immigrants. Every American citizen living today, with the exception of the true citizens, the Native Americans, are the descendants of immigrants. The Republican party, or more correctly Right Wing Republicans and the Christians right want only one kind of American, white and Christian. That would be the demise of this country!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Offline - Thanks to Dell and Windows

For the past week I have not published any posts due to the fact that I could not connect to the Internet. I have an 8 month old Dell desktop computer, which I purchased brand new. It came with Windows 8 already installed. A few weeks after I purchased it I ran into trouble connecting to the Internet. Apparently Windows 8 was preventing Internet connection. At that time I contacted Dell support and spoke several times with a supposed engineer, in India. After 5 agonizing days I was able to connect. I had to install Widows 8.1, which was difficult since Windows 8 was preventing it. When I bought this computer I came very close to purchasing an IMac, but sadly didn't.

For the past few months I was able to connect to the Internet, but was having other problems, such as adware and spyware, even though I had one of the best antivirus software, Bitdefender. Finally one day last week I was not able to connect to the Internet, as I do everyday. For some reason Windows would not allow this. Kevin, who is very knowledgeable in computers, tried to fix the problem remembering what was done the last time. It didn't work. What he did discover in trying to fix my problem was that everything Dell had installed in my "new" computer was the 2012 version! He made a number of attempts to contact Dell Customer Support but rand into a couple of problems. First of all the people in customer support were based in India and their command of the English language was atrocious, which caused a severe communication problem. After he finally spoke with someone who could communicate effectively in English, he was informed that my warranty has expired 4 months ago. My 1 year warranty on the computer I bought brand new 8 months ago expired 4 months early according to Dell. It was explained to them that I registered the PC when I bought it and they should have a record of this. They didn't and they basically said it was not their problem!

After Kevin installing and reinstalling Windows 8.1 I am finally able to connect to the Internet, but I  lost a lot of saved websites and files.Once I was able to connect there were about 120 updates from Microsoft waiting to be installed. Why the hell are there so many updates? Must be that Windows is an extremely crappy OS!

Black Friday is only days away and the first thing I am going to do is to go to Best Buy and buy myself an IMac, so I can get rid of this piece of Dell crap! I won't ever have to pay outlandish amounts of money for OS upgrades that Apple provides for free and I won't have to worry so much about constant hacker attacks, as I did with Microsoft.