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Monday, November 28, 2011

Okay, So Where Do I Really Get Help Promoting My Blog?

Well my blog, Steveso Thinks, is only a few days old and it is depressing to check the stats every now and then to see that no one is reading it. So what can I do to promote it and drive more traffic to the site? This is my third blog, so I have gone through this feeling of stagnation and helplessness before. I realize that it will take a lot of time.

Writing a blog post does not take a lot of time, if you know what you want to write about and have many ideas. Where you spend most of your time is promoting it and monetizing it. You add Adsense to your blog and then wait for people to click on the ads, so you can make a couple of cents. You won't get anyone to click on these ads if they don't come to your site. Getting this traffic is extremely important and is very time consuming. When I first started writing my first blog I knew nothing about what was involved. I thought it would involve a couple of hours or so a week. Wrong! I have spent hours searching the web for ways to promote my blog and learning about SEO (search engine optimization).

One thing that I found searching the web was that there are hundreds, if not thousands of experts out there. When I clicked on many sites, they were selling books or services to help promote a site. So I searched sites offering ways to promote blogs  for free. I found that the vast majority of these sites said exactly the same thing, word for word. So what are these people doing? Copying someone else's work and pretending to be knowledgeable in the field? It appears so. Another thing I found was that many articles suggested using blog directories to submit a site. Some of these article included up to a hundred so called "free" sites for blog submissions. Well some of these "free" sites charge fees, some of which can be pretty hefty. So I studied the absolutely free sites to submit my blogs. The problem here is that these sites expect a reciprocal agreement. This means they will list your site if you put the name of their site on your blog. This may seem quite reasonable, but if you list your blog on many of these sites your blog will be comprised of mainly ads for these blog directory sites. I am still searching sites on SEO and struggling to understand how I can use them to promote my blog.

I must admit that in my other blogs, Senior Neurons and Retired in Malaysia, I did use many of these reciprocal sites, but got nothing in return.When I decided to write Steveso Thinks I also decided that I was not going to load it up with links to other sites that promised to promote my blogs or to have a lot of affiliate advertising, that so far has not brought me one red cent. I am going to try to keep the site clean and simple looking. So I am going to depend solely on the readers of my blog to follow it and tell their friends to follow it. I also would appreciate, now and then, if you can click on my ads so I can pay for my blog domain registration fee. And don't be afraid to become a follower or donate to my blog. I promise I will try to add informative or at least interesting content on a regular basis. Thanks.

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