Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yet Another Blog for Watertown Wanderer

When I retired from my job in Boston almost 4 years ago and moved to Penang, Malaysia, many people asked me what I would do all day. I must admit that I was puzzled at first at what I actually would do. I told people I would go to the gym every day and probably do volunteer work. When I finally moved here I did join a gym but I must admit I don't go every day, even though I should. There were not as many volunteer opportunities as I had hoped and without a car at my disposal I was very limited as to where I could go.
I really wasn't bored at all when I first moved here. I had many local eateries and stores to visit and occupy my time.  I did want something to keep my mind active during the day and especially at night, so I didn't wind up watching TV all of the time.  I had a couple of Japanese friends whom I taught English to for one hour a week and enjoyed this very much.  I still wanted something else to occupy my mind and perhaps make a little pocket-money at the same time.  I started surfing the web for ways to make money online. There were 2 interesting alternatives. One was taking surveys and the other was blogging. I tried taking surveys for a couple of weeks and soon learned it was a complete waste of time, especially living outside the United States. I started researching blogging and became very interested, as I loved voicing my opinion. I soon started 2 blogs. My first blog is called Retired in Malaysia and is about my decision to retire and move here and about my life in Malaysia. In my other blog, Senior Neurons, I share my thoughts and opinions on what is happening in the US from my unique perspective as an American expat living in Malaysia.
Even though I can discuss my home in Malaysia in regards to the culture, food etc. and I can spout off about politics and social issues of interest to me; I still had a lot to say. I am a dedicated people watcher who loves nothing more than to sit and observe people and their behavior. Many times I have wanted to share my thoughts and feelings from these observations, but only kept them to myself.  Sometimes I lay in bed thinking of things ranging from the profoundly serious to the ridiculous. Once again I have kept these thoughts to myself.  Then one night I suddenly decided to start a new blog to air these random thoughts and other ideas and opinions I may have. My other blogs are on Blogger, but I decided to try WordPress for a change. Well I tried WordPress for 2 days and absolutely hated it. It was very difficult to use and I couldn’t ad Adsense. So I deleted it and came back to Blogger where I feel more comfortable. I hope people will find my posts interesting or at least amusing and will follow my blog. And I hope you click on the ads so I can make a little money. Thank you.

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