Wednesday, January 18, 2012

About As Interesting As Watching Paint Dry.

As most of my readers know, I live in Penang, Malaysia. I catch up on the world news by reading the local English newspapers, reading Internet news sites and watching cable news networks, CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera. I usually flit from network to network, depending upon what story is being covered at the time. I primarily just want a capsule view of what is going on in the world and making sure that there is no catastrophic events happening in the US and the rest of the world.

Last week as I was looking for some news on CNN I happened upon Wolf Blitzer and the results of the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary. I already knew that Romney won and that was enough for me. I patiently waited to see if there would be another news story coming up. But Wolf kept talking and talking. Then it struck me. I am an America who is reasonably familiar with American political system. I am not really interested in the nitty gritty boring details of why and how New Hampshire residents voted as they did. I was not waiting anxiously for Wolf to  announce each time some poor farmer out in the sticks cast his vote. So who the hell in CNN thinks that millions and millions of average people in Malaysia and the rest of Asia really give a damn about what Wolf Blitzer has to say, especially when he says it over and over for hours on end? Do they really think they will get higher ratings by boring people to death? I was almost hoping some kind of disaster would occur to knock Wolf out of the news!

As people always say, "if you don't like what's on TV, change the channel. I did. Wolf wasn't on BBC or Al Jazeera, but the primary was! Just like home. I couldn't escape it. It was even on ABC, the Australian news channel. Finally I went to my old standby, the Animal Planet. The only wolf there, was way more interesting than the one on CNN.

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