Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finding Friends on Facebook.

Today it seems as though all young people have a Facebook page with hundreds, if not thousands of friends. When it comes to us older folks the situation is a bit different though. I am retired and have had a FB account for a couple of years now, but my friends list is far from being in the hundreds. The only reason I have an account is because it is the only way I could keep in touch with my nieces and nephews. But soon I began exploring FB on my own.

I discovered that I could search for friends very easily. I began searching for people from my place of work where I had just retired. My list of friends began to grow. Then I got to know a lot of people at the gym I belonged to and I added them as friends. I was almost feeling popular. I soon began to add people to my friends list who I hardly knew. Then it dawned on me. Everybody in my friends list was younger than me! So then I decided to search for people who were my friends in high school and college. I was really surprised. I could not find any of the friends who lived in my neighborhood as a child or who were my closest friends in high school. I wondered why. Were they all dead or in prison? We're they all living in the middle of nowhere without access to the Internet or even electricity? Or were they unbelievably not as technologically advanced as me? Or did they just simply not care? I really don't know.

I didn't give this much thought until just recently when I suddenly, for some reason, thought of an old college room mate. I put his name in the search bar and I found him. Luckily he had a photo so I was sure it was him. Then I started searching for other friends in my past and I actually found a very few this time around. But oddly enough I didn't send a friend request to them immediately. I gave it some thought. If they really wanted to be friends on FB, they could have sent me a friend request. Right? Then I began thinking again (I do a lot of thinking). I was friends with them years ago. Would they really care what I have done with my life or what I am doing now? Do I really care what they have done with their lives or what they are doing now? I live so far away from the US now, I would probably never have the chance to meet up with them and talk about "the old days".  I thought for a while and decided not to send a friend request at this time. I remembered the old saying, "you can't go home again" and decided for the time being not to try. Who knows? Maybe in the future they will befriend me or I will change my mind and sent them a friend request. It's something to think about.

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