Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Think I Am Becoming Addicted To Blogging.

Last May I started my first blog, Retired in Malaysia, and had no idea what I was doing. I thought it would be fun, give me something to do with my time and even help me make a little money. I wasn't really gung ho about it, but it was fun designing it and publishing posts. Then I talked myself into starting a blog on politics because I had my own, somewhat liberal views on American politics and social issues, but no one to share them with here in Malaysia. In June I started Senior Neurons so that I could share my views with anyone who was interested in reading them. I spent a great deal of time trying to promote these two blogs, so I thought I was satisfied. But then back in November as I was thinking of possible topics to write about on my blogs, I realized that some of the topics just did not fit retiring in Malaysia or politics. So naturally the thing to do was to start another blog where I can express many different ideas, thoughts and opinion that didn't fit anywhere else.  Thus Steveso Thinks was born.

Now that I have a total of 3 blogs on which I spend a hell of a lot of time trying to promote to increase my traffic and also my earnings. There are times I spend 5 or more hours a day trying to do this. I spend more time on promotion than actually writing the posts. Many times I have done a lot of work promoting and writing what I thought was a great post just to see the traffic and income remain stagnant.  I have previously written a post here, Have I No Shame, where I go into more detail what I have done. Even after publishing that post and almost begging people to follow me or click on some ads, there was not a bit of difference. You can't make people click on ads or sign up to follow, it they don't want to or don't feel my site is worth while. Recently I actually paid  to help me increase my traffic on my blogs and it is helping a little.

Even though I have 3 blogs and I have a lot of work to do in promoting them, I guess I am still not satisfied. Many times when I go to bed at night, just after spending a good deal of time on my sites I lay awake with all kinds of ideas running through my head. This doesn't help my sleep but I do come up with some ideas. Unfortunately I forget some of them when I wake up. I came up with a thought for a brand new site the other night, which would be completely different than any of the other sites that I have created. So far I have spent approximately 20 hours doing research about setting it up and I am no where near starting it. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get it up and running. Have I become addicted to blogging or an I just plain nuts?

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