Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The birth of "Kicks and Kudos".

Well I finally did it. I started another website. A while back I posted an article called, I Think I Am Becoming Addicted to Blogging. In this post I stated that I had come up with a brand new idea for a website and I was doing research on it before starting it. Well after much thought and research I finally found a cheap webhosting site that seemed to come highly recommended and was supposed to be easy to use. This blog is hosted by Blogger and is free. The site I chose, FatCow, costs $3.67 a month, which was cheap compared to many others. Two days ago I signed up and began designing my new website. This was a big step for me as I do not want to spend a lot of money on a site and I am not that tech savy.

As I previously stated I had a new idea. I wanted to start a website with both a blog and a forum. I had thought of putting a forum on this site but after doing many searches I found nothing. I assumed that it was impossible to put a forum on a Blogger site. I tried for hours to find out how to put a forum on my new site, but finally gave up and contacted FatCow customer support. They did it for me in a few minutes. I was relieved.

I next wanted to add some other elements to my site, which are very easy to do on Blogger, but not as easy or available on FatCow.  My site is now alive and breathing, as I have published it 2 days ago. I am now trying to monetize it with Google AdSense, which I use on this site and my other blogs. This is where I am becoming very irritated. Apparently FatCow will offer AdSense in the near future, but not now. I contacted support once again and was told they could do it for $3.95. I agreed, but am still waiting for it to be added. It appears they don't know how to do it easily either. There are many other services that are offered by FatCow, but there is a slight charge. I refuse to be nickled and dimed to death, so I am getting as much for free as possible.

As I said before, my new site is a combination of a blog and a forum. I wanted a blog where people could not only post a comment on a blog post, but make comments in several areas. So I added a forum. I named my blog/forum Kicks and Kudos, because I wanted a site where people could blow off some steam and voice their complaints, gripes or "kicks" about anybody or anything that irritated them and at the same time give compliments or "kudos" to anyone that brightened their day. The easy part is done. Now I have to publish and promote it and also monetize it, so I can make enough money to pay for the expense of setting it up and maintaining it. The bottom line, however, is that I enjoy doing this and I wanted to have fun and have other people have fun too.

It has been a learning experience setting up my new site and I hope I have not made a mistake and spent money foolishly. Only time will tell. I do hope anyone visiting this blog will also support my new endeavor and visit Kicks and Kudos. Please join the forum and blow off some steam or give someone a compliment.

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