Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm Back and I'm Irritated

For a variety of reasons, including hot weather here in Penang, preoccupation with condo business, shear laziness and my dismay over what is happening on the US political scene, I have not been posting here. What finally got my blood boiling again was when Obama came out in favor of same sex marriage and the reactions of all of those right wing Christian bigots who hide behind religion to cover their hatred and ignorance.

What right do a bunch of holier than though Christian extremists have to tell other people who they can love or who they can marry?  They always refer to the Bible, which says nothing about the origin of marriage,for their defense of their hatred. You can't use logic, history, anthropological studies, archeological studies or any other scientific or historical data to argue with these people because they are too ignorant and brainwashed to understand reason. They are so entrenched in their bigotry and hatred they cannot reason sanely.

I began to be upset when I saw that North Carolina passed a constitutional amendment that bans same sex marriage. What a joke. It was not unexpected. After all North Carolina is the South and the South has never been a bastion of  equality and tolerance. North Carolina supported slavery and did not apologize for it until over 100 years later in 2007. Interracial marriage was illegal there until 1967. The odd fact is that it is still legal to marry first cousins though. That right must be in the Bible. The citizens were actually proud of having a constitution, that denies the rights of certain citizens. whereas in other countries and states the constitution protects the rights of citizens.

I am in support of same sex marriage and the right of an American citizens to sponsor his or her partner in immigrating to this country. Heterosexual bi-national couples have no problem. Just same sex partners of American citizens are discriminated against. According to the US government gay people can't be married, can't be members of a family and actually should not exist. The reasons for this stem from the Republican and religious extremists in Congress who are trying to force their twisted Christian beliefs on the rest of the country. That is why we have DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, which discriminates against same sex couples.

What is really strange to me is that conservatives and especially Southern conservatives don't want the government to intrude into peoples' private lives, but they sure in hell think it's okay to tell gay people they can't marry, adopt or sponsor their partners for a green card. If two people of the same sex get married, how does that effect them? If same sex marriage is made legal, will closeted gay members of heterosexual marriages flock to divorce courts, because they were forced to enter into a sham marriage to hide who they really were?

Now it is Sunday and all over America I know priests, pastors and leaders of those small storefront Christian "churches" are vilifying Obama, gays, liberals, Democrats and all of their supporters and urging their members to defeat Obama and same sex marriage. This is truly a political issue and I see the fact that these religious leaders are using their churches to espouse political actions and beliefs is a violation of their tax exempt status. To be fair to those thousands of institutions who abide by the law and remain unpolitical, I think all of these Christian extremist church leaders should immediately lose their tax exempt status.

There are so many issues in today's world that really do have an effect on all of us, why to these people single out one or two causes, that do not effect them and concentrate all of their efforts on those causes. Think of how many poor people could have been helped by the millions of dollars the churches spent to attack gays. Think about all of those abused and neglected children could be helped if the churches ceased covering up their own evil deeds  and targeted those ills, rather than same sex marriages. Instead of targeting same sex marriage, gays and rights for minorities, why don't these Christian terrorists do what Jesus did and feed the poor, heal the sick, comfort the depressed and lonely and love their neighbors. Not all Christians or religious people are like this highly verbal bunch of intolerant bigots and hate mongers. I think it is time for those "real" compassionate Christians to denounce the hatred and bigotry of those who are trying to take over their religions. The real God of truly moral religious people I am sure is a God of love and tolerance, not of hate and intolerance.

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