Sunday, June 3, 2012

Long Lost Relatives

One aspect of today's technology is the relative ease of finding long lost relatives on the Internet. One can easily search FaceBook or Google for a relative who has not been seen or heard from in years. Occasionally I think of friends from my childhood and my cousins whom I spent time with in my youth. Since reaching adulthood and going our separate ways I have lost contact with most of my first cousins. On a couple of occasions, where I was quite bored, I searched and found a couple of my first cousins.

The first time I searched I found a cousin who lived about an hour from where I grew up. I thought of the good times we had when we were younger and of the last time we spent some time together. I found him on FaceBook so after thinking for a while I sent him a friend request. Within a couple of days I got a message from him, filling me in on what had happened in his life since our last meeting. Naturally I  answered his message and told him about my life and what I have been doing. He never accepted my friend request and I have not heard from him since. Apparently there was something in my life, different from my life when we were friends, that he just didn't like. No big deal. We hadn't seen each other in over 30 years, so I chalked it up to a part of life.

A short while later I discovered a first cousin, whom I hadn't seen since my second year of college. Once she married and moved away she never had any contacts with me or any other members of my family. I did not have the slightest desire, even for a split second, of contacting her. I remember that I could not stand the sight of her, but my mother made me be nice to her and introduce her to all of my friends, after she enrolled  the same high school as I did. I think she ranks as one of the most disgusting people I have ever met.

Sometimes when we take a trip down memory lane, we get a little nostalgic and wish to relive some of the good old days. I think the old saying, "you can't go home again" sums it up. It is sometimes best to remember some friends and relatives and the good times we had and just enjoy the memories instead of trying to relive those days.

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