Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blog Followers.

I have three active blogs with Blogger, Retired in Malaysia, Senior Neurons and of course this one. I also have an interactive blog on another platform that is not doing well at all, so I have decided to let it die a natural death. "Retired in Malaysia" is more or less a travel blog, in which I share my experiences as an American expat living in Penang, Malaysia. I am limited basically to anything having to do with Malaysia. "Senior Neurons" is a political blog and thus all posts are limited to items of a political nature. "Steveso Thinks" is a blog where I am not limited, by the nature of the content.

There are times when I am not in the mood to write a blog, I am just plain lazy  or I simply do not have anything to write about and when I do get the energy to write a post I can't decide on which blog to post it to. "Retired in Malaysia" is doing fairly well, but writing a political blog, such as "Senior Neurons" is difficult with so much competition, especially during a presidential election. I find writing "Steveso Think"s very enjoyable and easier, as I am not so limited by the topics. Because of this I have decided to put my main energies into "Steveso Thinks". In the past I have not been diligent in writing posts for this blog, but I am going to try to produce more posts in the future.

I would like to double or triple my readership here and to attract more blog followers. I think if I can see that I am attracting more readers I will be motivated to write even more. Also the more readers and followers I have the better chances of making a little pocket money. I have actually made $5 in the past year. I'm not doing this to be rich, but it does help to see a little money coming in. I would like to ask my readers to become followers. Simply go to the right side of the blog and look for the word "FOLLOWERS" and click on the banner that says "Join this site" and follow the directions. I would appreciate this very much. In any event I hope everyone continues to read my blog and hopefully enjoys doing so. Thank you very much.

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