Monday, July 30, 2012

Since When Do You Have to Be Christian to Be President?

Recently I was amused, ashamed and annoyed when I read an article about a Pew Research Center poll that revealed 17% of Americans still believe that Obama is a member of the Muslim faith. With all of the facts and information to the contrary this sizeable number of people are too bigoted, too ignorant or just plain too stupid to accept the obvious. But these same people also don't consider Romney a "real" Christian because he is a Mormon. It is truly terrifying for this country that these people are voting and are actually breeding.

It is not surprising that these people identify themselves as Conservative Christian Republicans. They probably also believe Obama is not a US citizen and the earth is not round. It is a shame that here in the US, which touts itself as a tolerant, as well as literate and educated country, we have people who come out from under the rocks and back woods and refuse to give up on their archaic, racist and bigoted beliefs from a time long gone by. 

It's annoying to see that these people actually believe that only a Christian should be President of the US.  Where in the US Constitution or any other law or government document does it say that only Christians, and probably only members of  certain denominations, can become President? The US is fighting wars against intolerant religious extremists, while we have our own ignorant fanatics at home.  We have freedom of religion in this country and these people are trying to change our laws to give religious freedoms to only those of certain Christian beliefs they agree with.

It is interesting to note that a congregation of these devout so called Christians in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, refused to marry a couple from their congregation, simply because they were Black. This is 2012 not the 1800's. But I guess since many of these religious fanatics are so violently opposed to same sex marriages, they would also oppose marriages between Blacks, other racial minorities and other faiths. Only white, straight, Anglo-Saxon Christians, including close family members will be allowed to marry.

I sincerely hope that in the upcoming presidential election people vote for the candidate, whose policies they see best for the country, not vote against a candidate because of his religion or color of his skin. But I think I am asking for too much.

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