Thursday, August 9, 2012

I've Joined the Raspberry Ketone Craze

I'm not one to quickly fall for the latest fads, either diet fads, food fads or gadget fads. I am especially suspicious of diet fads and usually view the people giving professional medical testimonials as quacks. When I start seeing a lot of publicity regarding diet products I begin researching the products and usually after only a few minutes I can ascertain that they are scams. Recently I saw a video where Dr. Mehmet Oz, on his own television show, was touting the benefits of raspberry ketones. Since I know that Dr. Oz is a well known cardiothoracic surgeon I paid a lot more attention to this product and spend more time researching it.

Four years ago I retired and moved form Boston to Malaysia. Five years ago I quit smoking. The combination of those two events led to quite a bit of weight gain for me. As everyone knows when you quit smoking you gain weight, which I did. Living here in Penang, Malaysia I am subjected to a variety of Chinese, Indian and Malay food, which are the local foods of the area. It is all remarkably delicious and irresistible, at least to me, who loves food very much. When I lived in the US I ate a lot of salads, vegetables and broiled fish and meat, which helped me to control my weight somewhat. I also went to the gym regularly, which I still do here. The big difference is that living in Malaysia rice is served at breakfast, lunch and dinner and in between.

Most of the people here eat in local eateries, known as coffee shops or food courts, where there is an abundance of rice served. Vegetables and meat accompanying the rice is used sparingly. If you don't eat rice, you eat rice noodles or rice in some other fashion. The average serving of rice is about 2 or 3 times as much as a Westerner would normally eat. The dishes are usually deep fried or cooked in a lot of unhealthy oil, which piles the calories on. In order to eat salads or healthy vegetables you usually have to prepare them yourselves, as salad bars are almost unknown, and would be a bit expensive. So in this atmosphere I have really packed on the pounds.

Even though I go to the gym regularly, I cannot lose weight. As with most of us older folks our metabolism continues to decline. The only remedy is to exercise strenuously most of the day, while only drinking water! As I have breathing problems I find it very difficult to do hardcore aerobic exercises. So facing the choices of either starvation, hours of exhaustive exercises or becoming fatter and fatter, I decided to give Dr. Oz and raspberry ketones a try. Naturally though I couldn't find them here in Malaysia, so I ordered them from the US. I started taking them a few days ago, along with a regimen of increased gym activity and a reduction of rice and carbs. I also ordered some for my neighbor, who also wanted to try them. Unfortunately she developed a rash, itching and swelling as a result of an allergic reaction. I admit that I feel a bit stupid for getting on on a band wagon of another "miracle fat buster", but if I lose a few pounds taking raspberry ketones, what the hell. Wish me luck

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