Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Unconventional GOP Convention

First of all I am not a Republican, as anyone who knows me is aware. I, do however, tune in once and a while during the convention just to see what is going on. I find this year's convention to be unlike any I have seen in the past. The Republican party is split into  a number of extreme factions, all pitted against what is left of the old GOP,  a sane, rational opposition. Even though the religious nuts like Michele Bachman, ranted on about God bringing a hurricane of change to this country with the election of a new president, it seemed as though God had other ideas. Hurricane Isaac delayed the start of the convention and almost cancelled it. Bachman is fond of telling us that God speaks to her, but this time I think God was telling her and all of us something about the Republicans and their candidates.

Then I saw Ann Romney discuss how great her husband was. Having a candidate's wife address a convention makes as much sense as a screen door in a submarine. What wife would say anything negative about her husband at the national nominating convention? Her appearance reminded of a Barbie doll, with about as much heart and emotion. Then Chris Christie, the calorie challenged governor of New Jersey gave his keynote address. The cameras panned his family members and at first I thought it was the Pillsbury dough boy's family.  It was amazing. He babbled on forever and didn't mention Romney by name until after he was two thirds through his speech. What was really impressive was watching Romney's expression during the speech. He didn't appear to be interested at all in what Christie was saying. As a matter of fact he looked as though he would rather be at a Baine Capital board meeting, than running for president.

This convention, supposedly represents the heart of America, but in the past couple of days they have shown contempt for the supporters of Ron Paul and minorities. The GOP completely screwed over Ron Paul and his delegates. Then a delegate was thrown out of the convention for racial comments made against a black female  CNN reporter. And people wonder why Republicans are having trouble connecting with minorities.

There is still time left during the convention to insult and berate all other minorities, which I am sure they will. In the past candidates of the major parties attacked the President in power and offered alternative plans for the country. The 2012 Republican National convention has done nothing but spread fear, hate and lies, while at the same time offering no new policies or solutions to the nations problems. The Republicans of the Eisenhower, Regan and Ford eras have been replaced by a bunch of ignorant hate mongering racists and bigots. If by some horrible mistake Romney and Ryan are elected this country will lose all of the social and economic gains of the past 50 years, the middle class will disappear and we will have Mitt's millionaire friends and corporations running our lives, for their advantage.

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