Sunday, September 2, 2012

Go Home and Call 211

After Mitt Romney was installed as the GOP nominee for President at the Republican convention he immediately went to Louisiana for a photo op with victims of hurricane Isaac. He met a woman who explained to him that she had lost her home , as it was submerged under the raging flood waters from the hurricane. She had lost everything. Mr. empathy, Mitt Romney, consoled her from his heart and told her "assistance in out there. Go home and call 211." Such compassion is enough to draw tears to your eyes.

This incident shows clearly that Romney doesn't have a clue of what Americans are going through, nor does he care. First of all he didn't understand that she had lost her home. I guess it is a difficult concept to realize some people only have one home, if any, and not 3 or 4 like Romney does.  He also doesn't realize that when a person loses their home and all of their belongings they are in a state of shock. They need assistance, not just being told what to do. Perhaps Romney thought she might have been able to stay in her 3 car garage with all of her Cadillacs. Or maybe she could whip out one of her numerous credit cards and pay for a stay at the Holiday Inn. He could have at least let her use his cell phone to call for help. He did not even utter the words "I am so sorry".

This sad excuse for a caring human being only reminds me of how good it was with Bill Clinton. Do you remember that whenever there was a national disaster he was always there consoling the victims with genuine compassion?  He reached out to them and offered them hope. These actions are something which Romney is incapable of doing. I am sure he would show more emotion towards his offshore bank accounts, than he would for his fellow Americans.

Only a day after his acceptance of the nomination Romney is showing what kind of heartless, cold, calculating person he really is and what kind of President he would make. Wake up people. If he is elected, some day he could tell you to go home and call for assistance, and then walk away.

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