Saturday, September 8, 2012

Morgan Freeman Death Hoax

Yesterday I saw on Facebook that Morgan Freeman had passed away. I even posted a "RIP" statement as I very much respect this great actor. Then, hours after reading of his demise, I noticed that I saw nothing on the TV news or internet news sites about Freeman's death.

Then I decided to Google Morgan Freeman and I found that the report of his death was a sickly hoax. Yes Morgan Freeman is alive and well and living in Mississippi. I was very happy to read that he had not died, but I am ticked off that again some morons don't have enough to do in their lives and think it's funny to report that someone who contributes much more to society than they do, has died. I like Facebook most of the time, but at these times I am embarrassed by the behavior of some of my fellow human beings. Like alcohol and firearms, Facebook should be only be used responsibly. But like alcohol and firearms there are going to be immature losers who will abuse Facebook.

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