Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Heeee's Baaack!

Round 2 of the Presidential debates is now over and President Barack Obama found his mojo. Once again both sides are claiming victory, but to me and the majority of people (according to the polls) who watched the debate Obama won, while not allowing Romney to get away with all of his fabrications and vague unfounded statistics. A sure sign that Romney was trounced is the number of Romney staff and the people at Fox News attacking Candy Crowley for not being nice to Mitt. Speaking of nice it was quite obvious that Romney was extremely disrespectful to the office of the Presidency.

All through the debate Romney appeared flustered, confused and angry. I think he thought because of his performance in the first debate he was unstoppable. He did not like Obama calling him out on his lies and asking him to explain his so called plans. Romney stuttered and stammered when he was called upon to explain his platform. He made a complete fool of himself when he talked of a having a "binder full of women" waiting to fill jobs in his administration in the Massachusetts Statehouse. He showed absolutely no concern for women in the workplace or women's rights in general. As anyone in Massachusetts knows (except for a few die hard right wingers) Romney did have a few women in government, but none in higher positions.

Romney was governor of Massachusetts when I lived there. I can recall that he did little or nothing. He was absent most of the time as he was constantly running for President. I do remember the unemployment rate went up and the state debt increased. He increased taxes and fees that hit the middle class, while reducing taxes for the wealthy. I believe in the last year of his administration he was actually in the state for less than 1/3 of the year. What really upset the people of Massachusetts was that Romney consistently mocked and derided the residents of the state whenever he addressed conservative groups on his campaign for the GOP nomination. Romney did not, thank God, seek a second term as his popularity in the state tanked to less than 35%. I still remember Romney in the first part of his tenure sucking up to gay groups. Back then he supported gay rights and civil unions, a woman's reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood . Now he has done a 180 degree turn to kiss up to the Christian Right. What a man!

If anyone really wants to know what kind of a man Romney is and what kind of a leader Mitt Romney would be  ask the residents of Massachusetts.

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