Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Analysis of Raspberry Ketones

Back in August I wrote a post on raspberry ketones (I've Joined the Raspberry Ketone Craze), which were recommended by Dr. Oz as a weight loss tool. In that post I stated that I began taking the raspberry ketone capsules along with exercising and cutting back on calories and that I had lost weight.

Since I had lost weight I decided to see if the raspberry ketones actually made a difference. So I decided to take the ketones along with my regular diet for a couple of weeks, and then just cutting back on food portions and exercise, without taking the ketones, for a couple of weeks. When I took the raspberry ketones and maintained my normal diet I regained the weight I lost. When I cut my meal portions and exercised, without taking the raspberry ketones, I lost weight, about 2 1/2 lbs. This was the same as I had lost with cutting portions, exercising and taking the ketones.

I know that this is not a scientific study and the results can be different for different people, but I have come to my own conclusion in regards to raspberry ketones. I have surmised that the only weight raspberry ketones will cause is the weight of your wallet. I will stick to the old tried and true method of cutting calories and portion sizes and exercise.. The latest fad I have seen is taking green coffee extract to lose weight. I will pass on this craze thank you.

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