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Sunday, January 20, 2013

How Low Can the Republican Right Go?

I guess we have all learned from the past presidential election, just how contemptible most of the Republicans are towards minorities, the poor and anyone who isn't a rich, old, white, Christian male. I know it's difficult, but we just have to accept the fact that they are racist bigots and that is just part of their personality and character. It's part of being human, I guess.

They have the right to hold there own degenerated and hateful beliefs, but as members of Congress and the government, they have no right to legislate their bigotry and racism. As obnoxious as that may be, the GOP is doing something even more obnoxious. They are spending taxpayers money to fight minorities.

In 1996, Christian Conservatives and Right Wing Republicans managed to pass DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. This was done in reaction to the actions of some states allowing gays to marry or allowing gays to enter into legal same sex unions. The bigots in Congress wanted to make sure that people in committed same sex relationships could not receive any benefits from the Federal government, which straight members routinely enjoy. Examples of this are Social Security and Immigration benefits. Since the passage of DOMA, support for it has dramatically declined and in every case where lawsuits against it were heard by US District Courts, it was held to be unconstitutional. In June of this year the Supreme Court will make the final decision on DOMA. Many people believe that it will be struck down. President Obama has directed the Justice Department not to defend DOMA in the courts.

Since DOMA was originally passed more states have legalized same sex marriages and given benefits to those involved in these unions. Recent polls show that support for same sex marriages is growing in the US, especially among younger people. Regardless of this the GOP is digging in to push against the rights of gays. Republican leaders in the House of Representatives have agree to spend $3 million do assure that DOMA remains the law of the land. That $3 million comes from taxpayers, many of whom are gay and many of whom support gay marriage. How can they take money from gay people to make sure that their rights will be denied?

While the Republicans are spending $3 million to make it a law to discriminate against gays these morons have also voted to deny relief money to victims of Hurricane Sandy. They also have voted against spending money for food stamp aid for poor families. They've also tried to deny benefits to the unemployed and oh yes, they still don't want to spend money on health care for the poor and middle class.

Can you see a theme in all of this reprehensible and irresponsible behavior? Well first of all the victims of Hurricane Sandy come from Blue States of the Northeast. Secondly they are still pissed off that Obama is Black and won a second term and they want to punish his supporters, including the poor, minorities and gays. Thirdly they want to insure the supremacy of conservative, Christian, old, white guys in this country. Fourthly they are just a bunch of pathologically immoral racists and bigots, still living in the 17th century.

At this point a normal person would encourage people to contact their congressional representatives and tell them to stop spending taxpayers money to further their hatred, racism and bigotry. They are so entrenched in their hatred and fear they cannot change. The only thing to do is vote them out in the next election. The problem is that they Republicans have redrawn their congressional districts to ensure that the majority of their fellow racists and bigots all live within the new boundaries, thus assuring they will stay in power. We still can't give up. We must continue trying to get them out of office and show Americans who and what these people are.

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