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Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Tribute to Boston Area Law Enforcement and to Police Officers Everywhere.

Thanks to Paul Keleher, Boston, MA

Thanks to all of those who have fallen in the line of duty.
Many times people like to make fun of policemen for frequently being seen having a coffee and donut at a local donut shop or criticize the police for acting too quickly in dishing out speeding tickets. Most people probably don't even thinks of the police, unless they are trying to avoid them, when speeding or during other minor traffic infractions. We are all often too quick to criticize police and not quick enough to praise them.

During the past 5 days after the tragic terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon the world got a chance to see what it is to be a law enforcement officer. During the attack Boston Police rushed towards the explosions, instead of away from them. From that moment on Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police, MBTA Police and other local law enforcement agencies went to work to find the terrorists. Within a number of hours the FBI, working with local authorities identified the perpetrators and started the manhunt. Five hours after the release of the terrorist's photos the bombers struck again. For no reason at all they approached an MIT police offer and shot him multiple times, killing him. They then fled the season in a hijacked car, with police in pursuit. One of the suspects was shot an killed in this pursuit and a MBTA policeman was shot and wounded, while the other one escaped. The second terrorist was armed and extremely dangerous and fled to the Watertown, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. It was here that all of the local police authorities, as well as federal law enforcement locked down the entire area in order to prevent the suspect from fleeing and to protect the public. There was a massive police presence and all public transportation in the area was shut down. Police went door to door to ensure the residents and their homes were safe. Boston and the surrounding area was shut down, as one lone bomber was being pursued.

In less than 24 hours it was over. Exhausted law enforcement officers announced that the suspect was captured alive. The residents of Boston, Watertown and the surrounding area can sleep safely again. In less than a week terrorists murdered 3 innocent civilians and one police officer, wounded scores more and endangered the lives of thousands, for some reason yet to be discovered. All during this time hundreds of police officers risked their lives to protect the public and bring the suspects to justice. The law enforcement personnel from the Boston area deserve a huge outpouring of thanks for a job selfishly and very well done.

I must emphasize at this time that all of us should not have to wait for times of extreme tragedy to acknowledge the work our law enforcement people do every day. In some countries the police are often feared for being as bad or even worse than criminals or are useless. As we have seen in the past week our police, who are are friends, family and neighbors, risk their lives, often on a daily basis to serve and protect us. I know this first hand, as my nephew Jon, was a New York State Trooper for many years, until his recent retirement. Thanks Jon and my thanks to the police of my adopted home town Boston.

Thanks Jon.

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