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Thursday, May 30, 2013

John McCain - The New Lone Ranger

Recently former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain made a secret visit to Syria to confer with the rebels fighting the Assad government. McCain is pushing for Obama to inter the conflict by establishing a no fly zone and giving logistical support and weapons to the rebels. On his own, McCain, the Lone Ranger, met with different representatives of the rebel movement giving them increased hope of US support.

He has to be senile or just plain crazy. We are finally getting out of two disasterous wars created by the Republicans under Bush. These two wars almost destroyed our economy and killed thousands of our servicemen and women, not to mention tens of thousands of citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why does he want us to get involved in yet another debacle? Didn't Haliburton and the big corporations make enough billions off the Bush wars?

When the US took down Saddam in Iraq, Al-Quaeda was no where in sight. After we went in Al-Quaeda overan the country. The Arab Spring movement in Egypt and Libya were not a complete success. Avowed enemies of the US are now fighting for power, which would not be good for the US. The rebel movement in Syria is backed financially by Al-Quaeda and other Islamist groups. If we give weapons to these rebels we do not know, it's almost a sure bet that in time they will be using them against American soldiers.

Syria is not like Libya. She has a large and strong air force and military and is supported by Iran and Russia. Russia and Hezbollah
are supplying weapons to Assad and if we declare a no-fly zone all hell will break loose. The US does not need nor want another war in the Middle East. John McCain is not President nor Secretary of State. He is making a fool of himself by undermining US policy. If he wants to help the rebels fight, let him stay in Syria and fight. Don't risk any more American lives in your Republican wars. Syria is no threat to the US and if we want to help, let's negotiate instead of brandishing our weapons.  
         Who was that masked man? Why that was John McCain!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

GOP Governs for the Good of the Party, Not for the Country
Now that the so called comprehensive immigration bill was passed by the weak minded Senate Judiciary Committee. Remember that "comprehensive" bill that the cowardly Democrats refused to include gay partners of American citizens because they didn't want to offend their bigoted Republican colleagues? They were afraid the bigots would not support immigration rights for many Hispanics if gays were given any rights.

Everyone, known as the "Gang of Eight", thought they had reached a grand compromise by throwing gay people under the bus and guaranteeing Hispanics and other minorities  immigration rights. They actually thought the Republicans really cared about minorities, as long as they weren't gay.

There is a real possibility that the bill will be dead on arrival in the House of Representative. According to a news story from Reuters the Republicans don't think that passing an immigration reform bill will help them garner the minority votes that will help them win national elections. Chuck Schumer, Feinstein and their other cowardly Democrats foolishly thought the Republicans actually cared about non white citizens of this country and would support an immigration bill, weak as it was.

Nothing in this country will ever get done for the average middle class citizens of unless these racist, bigoted, wealthy white hate mongers are driven out of government.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all of America. While we are celebrating with picnics, cookouts and parades, let us remember all of those who served to make this possible. Enjoy the long weekend and have a happy and safe holiday.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cowardly Democrats Cave in to Republican Bigots
Senator Patrick Leahy - a politician with courage.

Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee approved an immigration bill that will be sent to the full Senate for debate and a vote, after which it will be sent to the House of Representatives. This committee is comprised of 9 Democrats and 8 Republicans with Democratic Patrick Leahy serving as Chairman. One very contentious amendment to the bill, offered by Sen. Leahy, is to allow American citizens to sponsor their foreign born same sex spouses or partners for a Green Card. This was rejected with the full support of some of the Democratic Senators.

Heterosexual American citizens are allowed to sponsor their foreign born spouses, partners and fiancees, for a Green Card. Sen Leahy has been a staunch supporter of the inclusion of same sex partners. Senator Schumer of New York was on the fence, but was known to have promised an American member of a bi-national couple that she would be taken care of. She was. He through her and all of the bi-national couples under the bus. Joining this coward were two other Democrats, Sen. Feinstein and Sen Durbin. The reason they stuck their tails between their legs and ran was that they were afraid the Republicans would not support the entire immigration bill.

These Democrats, beside proving they can't be trusted, presented the Republicans with a way to freely and legally discriminate against gay American citizens. They gave the Republicans  the right to pick and choose who are allowed to have immigration rights and who are not. Only Sen. Leahy had the courage and intestinal fortitude to fight for what he believed and for the rights of thousands of American citizens.

Republicans are known bigots and are fighting any kind of immigration bill with rare tenacity. Only because they lost the minority vote in the last election are they willing to consider an immigration bill at all. Naturally the strongest opposition to any immigration reform and especially granting gays any rights, come from Southern politicians with solid right wing, Conservative Christian hate groups support. We haven't seen this much strong opposition since the Civil Rights laws were opposed by Southern members of Congress.

When this bill goes to the full Senate and then the full House amendments will again be introduced to include the rights of American citizens of a bi-national couple. With a majority of the House being Republican I am sure this will never happen. It is very doubtful that any decent, fare and honest immigration bill will be passed. To be fare not all Republicans are bigots and racists, but unfortunately the majority of Republican members of Congress are.

I never really held out much hope for any legislation granting equal rights for ALL Americans, including gays and immigrants, to be passed by a Republican controlled House of Representatives. This does, however, teach those of us who support LGBT rights just exactly who we can trust and believe. It's time to take another look at people like Schumer and Feinstein and decide if they deserve our support in the next primary election. Maybe it's time to shelve Schumer and the others. Hopefully this situation may be made redundant depending upon how the Supreme Court acts in deciding DOMA.
A cowardly politician.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out for All of the Oklahoma Tornadoes Victims and Their Families

A huge, devastating tornado touched down near Oklahoma City on Monday killing 91 people, so far, including more than 20 children. According to reports the death toll will likely increase, as search and rescue teams continue their gruesome work. Thousands of people have lost their homes and livelihoods as a result of the tornadoes in Oklahoma. In this time of tragedy, we must all work together and turn all of our thoughts and prayers to our fellow Americans in Oklahoma. At times like these we are not Republicans or Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals, but we are loving and caring Americans.  Please let us all do what we can do for our fellow Americans.

So What is All of the Fuss About?

Throughout the Sunday talk shows, regarding the IRS scandal, I heard Republican after Republican attack the Obama administration over the supposed targeting of Conservative groups, such as the Tea Party. But by Monday morning I still didn't see what all of the fuss was about.

According to the IRS code 501(c)(4) an organization, in order to be granted tax exempt status and to withhold from publicizing the names of donors, must prove that the main purpose of the organization it so promote the social welfare. The organization may may be involved in political advocacy, as long as it is a minor activity, but it cannot not endorse any legislation or political candidate. So as the IRS saw the number of applications for this status improve in 2010 it did its job and began to question some of these organizations.It just happened that many of these applications were from Conservative groups, which under investigation were not social welfare organizations at all. As stated in my previous post, Republicans Are Chewing at the Bit Over the IRS, Karl Roves' groups and the Tea Party have been blatant abusers of this code.

I am not a big fan of the IRS, but I don't understand why the Republicans are going after them for simply doing their job. Why isn't Congress going after the organizations and their leaders, who have lied and abused the system? Could it be another ploy to derail Obama and his presidency?

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Keep Them Poor and Uneducated

In many third world countries of the world where there are authoritarian governments or, where the ruling power has been in power for many years, there often is sharp divide between the educated and uneducated and the rich and poor. One of the main reasons these governments stay in power is that the governments keep their people uneducated and poor, while promising prosperity, lower taxes and change, at election time, if there are elections.  It always amazes me how people can be so gullible.

Thanks to AATP.ORG Facebook Page.

I often compare these gullible people to members of the Tea Party and other such conservative groups that promise lower taxes and prosperity for the poor. Even in the face of the truth, or the facts they see conspiracy and lies. I decided to do a little research on which states are the most educated and which states are the poorest. I was not surprised.

Since taxes support social welfare programs and other government benefits I decided to find out which states received the most benefits. The top ten are "red" states. Of those states that pay for those benefits, 9 are "blue"states, with Colorado being the exception. For further details you can check out this article in Now if the Tea Party ever succeeds in destroying so called "liberal" socialist handouts of the Democrats and drastically reducing taxes and government these ten red states will be destitute.

Next I looked at the least educated states in the country. The least educated states are West Virginia, Arkansas,Mississippi, Kentucky and Louisiana. These are all "red" states in the South. No surprise is that the most educated states are "blue" states, which include Massachusetts, D.C., Connecticut, Maryland,Vermont, New Jersey, Virginia and Colorado. Think Progress has more information on these and more statistics.

Thanks to Americans Against the Tea Party Facebook page.

Knowing this I look at what the Tea Party has been doing. They are trying to lower those very taxes that support the poor people in their own "red" states. They have been fighting unemployment benefits, as well as food stamps and other benefits for the poor and unemployed. They also fought against Obamacare and any other kind of health care that would benefit the poor and uninsured. What is really puzzling is that the morons who support the Tea Party are supporting their own destruction. And speaking of taxes, the Tea Party would have you believe that Americans pay the highest taxes of any country on earth.  Here is a chart that tells the real truth.
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It seems from these statistics one could draw the conclusion that the GOP is using the Tea Party and other conservative groups to take control of the country by keeping the poor and uneducated "red" states poor and uneducated and trying to make inroads into the "blue" states by manipulating and lying to the poor and uneducated in those states. For the remainder of Obama's second term the American people will come to learn just how racist, bigoted an moronic the Tea Party is, as they will see made up scandal after scandal created, while they are fighting every measure to improve the lot of the citizens of this country.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Obama's Umbrella Scandal

It is not like the Republicans don't have anything better to do, as they most certainly do, but they have invented yet another scandal. Yes, President Obama allowed a Marine guard to hold up an umbrella for the him and the Prime Minister of Greece. Shame!  Republicans, including Sarah Palin are outraged. This would be funny, except for the definite racist overtones. The Republican party was once a noble party, but thanks to the likes of Palin, Boehner and the Tea Party it has sunk to the depths of a bigoted and racist party of hate.
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(W) “To be fair, though, none of the other presidents who had US Marines hold umbrellas for them were black." ~Ed Brayton. Image by Politics with Jarred and Dave.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Republicans are Chewing at the Bit Over the IRS

Now the Republicans have yet another another excuse not to govern, not to create more jobs, not to help the middle class, not to reform immigration to make it more fair, not to make tax laws more fair and not to help the poor and needy. Now they are after Obama in regards to the new so called IRS scandal. So what's the big deal? There is a section of the IRS code that is called 501(c)(4). This section allows an organization, which is founded as a not for profit organization which deals solely in the promotion of social welfare, to be granted a special status. This special consideration confers a tax exempt status on the organization and allows it to keep the names of its donors secret. In order to receive this special status the IRS requires that the organization not take part in political activities as their main focus and not to endorse any candidate.

This is where the problem has surfaced. Republicans have accused the IRS of targeting Conservative groups, such as the Tea Party and Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS in an attempt to deny them a no tax status. One of the biggest groups enjoying this tax exempt status is the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity group, into which they funnel millions of dollars, for the sole purpose of destroying Obama and other Democrats. To be fair to the IRS it has also targeted some Liberal groups.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that groups such as these have been formed for the sole purpose of influencing elections or, in the case of the Koch brothers, buying the elections. These groups have become more vocal and have grown in the wake of the election of Barack Obama. These groups have absolutely nothing to do with the promotion of social welfare. In fact much of their activity is centered around destroying the social welfare, as when they oppose abortion, marriage equality, women's rights, immigration reform and having the rich pay their fair share of taxes. To the Republicans, it is not about politics, it is about revenge.

In my opinion all of these groups, either Conservative or Liberal, should pay taxes, as they are definitely spending a majority of their time on political activities and they are allowing the rich 1% the chance to buy our government. The tax exempt status of these organizations should be removed and while we are at it the tax exempt status should be removed for all  churches and religious organizations until they refrain from trying to force their beliefs on the rest of us Americans.

Again I say to the Republicans, "Get over it. You lost twice. Quit trying to destroy Obama and America with him. Get back to work helping the country.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Message to Congress: Get On With It.

This morning I caught a few moments of the Sunday talk shows and I got very angry. All I saw were Republicans vowing to expose Benghazi as Obama's Watergate. Hey guys wake up and smell the coffee. The economy of this country is still in sad shape. Millions of people are still out of work, with many having given up in their job search. The middle class of this country is slowly disappearing as the top 1% of the country enjoys all of the wealth. The tax codes need reforming. Immigration needs reforming. Today the House of Representatives voted to allow employers to replace overtime pay with comp time, while they, the members of Congress work less and less every session.

There were many more US Embassy attacks under Republican administrations than under the Democrats, yet the Democrats didn't stop governing. The disgusting atrocity of George Bush's Iraq War, which killed millions of people, including Americans and her allies and many more Iraqis has never been scrutinized by the GOP. It was a fraudulent and illegal war perpetrated by Bush and his cronies, under the outright lies of WMD's, yet the Republicans remained silent. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield are war criminals and should be prosecuted as such.

The past is past, we are now dealing with the present and preparing for the future. Barack Obama is Black and he won two terms as President of the United States, so my dear Republicans in Congress, get over it. Put your racial bigotry and hatred of Obama, gays, Hispanics and the poor behind you. Do something for the country and your fellow American citizens. If you still want to hate, do it in the privacy of your own homes and churches.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Benghazi Attack Revisited

 The House of Revenge

Republicans in Congress are investigating the terrorist attack on the American compound in Benghazi, Libya which killed American Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 others. I should correct myself by saying they are investigating the attack again!

As you all can remember this attack occurred on September 11, 2012 and it was first investigated by Congress in October of 2012 in a politically motivated hearing, no doubt in an effort to effect the presidential election in November. The Republicans accused the Obama administration of a cover up and tried everything to place the blame on Obama and the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As hard as they tried, the Republicans couldn't find a scandal nor could they prevent Obama from being re-elected.

So why are they investigating the attack again? The answer is simple. Hillary Clinton will be running for president in 2016 and they are scared stiff they will lose in another landslide. They have to start throwing mud early. Instead of coming up with a viable candidate, who is not a complete nut job or an outright bigot and racist, as they usually do, they have to start attacking anyone who would be a Democratic candidate. They have not learned any lessons from their latest defeat. Instead of blaming themselves they have blamed minorities, the poor and anyone who is not an old, white, far right, Christian Conservative. They can't offer a plan or a future for America. They can only try to divide and spread hate and rumors. They will neglect the economy, immigration reform and other issues important to the American people just to chase after phantom conspiracy theories to try to bring Obama and the Democrats down.

To the ignorant or uninformed the Republicans investigation may seem patriotic and to be searching for the truth. In reality it is far from either.Actually there were more attacks on US embassies and consulates under George Bush. There were 10 attacks on US missions (not including the World Trade Center attack) which killed a total of 60 people. All during this time Republicans never said a word questioning the responsibilities of the Bush administration in these attacks! As a matter of fact there have been more attacks on US diplomats under Republican administrations that Democratic administrations, according to Mother Jones.

When are the Republicans going to come to the realization that it's time to forget their hatred of Obama and the minorities who elected him and forget their petty revenge and just move on to get the business of the people done?

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