Tuesday, May 28, 2013

GOP Governs for the Good of the Party, Not for the Country

Now that the so called comprehensive immigration bill was passed by the weak minded Senate Judiciary Committee. Remember that "comprehensive" bill that the cowardly Democrats refused to include gay partners of American citizens because they didn't want to offend their bigoted Republican colleagues? They were afraid the bigots would not support immigration rights for many Hispanics if gays were given any rights.

Everyone, known as the "Gang of Eight", thought they had reached a grand compromise by throwing gay people under the bus and guaranteeing Hispanics and other minorities  immigration rights. They actually thought the Republicans really cared about minorities, as long as they weren't gay.

There is a real possibility that the bill will be dead on arrival in the House of Representative. According to a news story from Reuters the Republicans don't think that passing an immigration reform bill will help them garner the minority votes that will help them win national elections. Chuck Schumer, Feinstein and their other cowardly Democrats foolishly thought the Republicans actually cared about non white citizens of this country and would support an immigration bill, weak as it was.

Nothing in this country will ever get done for the average middle class citizens of unless these racist, bigoted, wealthy white hate mongers are driven out of government.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Keep Them Poor and Uneducated

In many third world countries of the world where there are authoritarian governments or, where the ruling power has been in power for many years, there often is sharp divide between the educated and uneducated and the rich and poor. One of the main reasons these governments stay in power is that the governments keep their people uneducated and poor, while promising prosperity, lower taxes and change, at election time, if there are elections.  It always amazes me how people can be so gullible.

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I often compare these gullible people to members of the Tea Party and other such conservative groups that promise lower taxes and prosperity for the poor. Even in the face of the truth, or the facts they see conspiracy and lies. I decided to do a little research on which states are the most educated and which states are the poorest. I was not surprised.

Since taxes support social welfare programs and other government benefits I decided to find out which states received the most benefits. The top ten are "red" states. Of those states that pay for those benefits, 9 are "blue"states, with Colorado being the exception. For further details you can check out this article in Slate.com Now if the Tea Party ever succeeds in destroying so called "liberal" socialist handouts of the Democrats and drastically reducing taxes and government these ten red states will be destitute.

Next I looked at the least educated states in the country. The least educated states are West Virginia, Arkansas,Mississippi, Kentucky and Louisiana. These are all "red" states in the South. No surprise is that the most educated states are "blue" states, which include Massachusetts, D.C., Connecticut, Maryland,Vermont, New Jersey, Virginia and Colorado. Think Progress has more information on these and more statistics.

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Knowing this I look at what the Tea Party has been doing. They are trying to lower those very taxes that support the poor people in their own "red" states. They have been fighting unemployment benefits, as well as food stamps and other benefits for the poor and unemployed. They also fought against Obamacare and any other kind of health care that would benefit the poor and uninsured. What is really puzzling is that the morons who support the Tea Party are supporting their own destruction. And speaking of taxes, the Tea Party would have you believe that Americans pay the highest taxes of any country on earth.  Here is a chart that tells the real truth.
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It seems from these statistics one could draw the conclusion that the GOP is using the Tea Party and other conservative groups to take control of the country by keeping the poor and uneducated "red" states poor and uneducated and trying to make inroads into the "blue" states by manipulating and lying to the poor and uneducated in those states. For the remainder of Obama's second term the American people will come to learn just how racist, bigoted an moronic the Tea Party is, as they will see made up scandal after scandal created, while they are fighting every measure to improve the lot of the citizens of this country.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Benghazi Attack Revisited

 The House of Revenge

Republicans in Congress are investigating the terrorist attack on the American compound in Benghazi, Libya which killed American Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 others. I should correct myself by saying they are investigating the attack again!

As you all can remember this attack occurred on September 11, 2012 and it was first investigated by Congress in October of 2012 in a politically motivated hearing, no doubt in an effort to effect the presidential election in November. The Republicans accused the Obama administration of a cover up and tried everything to place the blame on Obama and the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As hard as they tried, the Republicans couldn't find a scandal nor could they prevent Obama from being re-elected.

So why are they investigating the attack again? The answer is simple. Hillary Clinton will be running for president in 2016 and they are scared stiff they will lose in another landslide. They have to start throwing mud early. Instead of coming up with a viable candidate, who is not a complete nut job or an outright bigot and racist, as they usually do, they have to start attacking anyone who would be a Democratic candidate. They have not learned any lessons from their latest defeat. Instead of blaming themselves they have blamed minorities, the poor and anyone who is not an old, white, far right, Christian Conservative. They can't offer a plan or a future for America. They can only try to divide and spread hate and rumors. They will neglect the economy, immigration reform and other issues important to the American people just to chase after phantom conspiracy theories to try to bring Obama and the Democrats down.

To the ignorant or uninformed the Republicans investigation may seem patriotic and to be searching for the truth. In reality it is far from either.Actually there were more attacks on US embassies and consulates under George Bush. There were 10 attacks on US missions (not including the World Trade Center attack) which killed a total of 60 people. All during this time Republicans never said a word questioning the responsibilities of the Bush administration in these attacks! As a matter of fact there have been more attacks on US diplomats under Republican administrations that Democratic administrations, according to Mother Jones.

When are the Republicans going to come to the realization that it's time to forget their hatred of Obama and the minorities who elected him and forget their petty revenge and just move on to get the business of the people done?

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