Tuesday, May 28, 2013

GOP Governs for the Good of the Party, Not for the Country

Now that the so called comprehensive immigration bill was passed by the weak minded Senate Judiciary Committee. Remember that "comprehensive" bill that the cowardly Democrats refused to include gay partners of American citizens because they didn't want to offend their bigoted Republican colleagues? They were afraid the bigots would not support immigration rights for many Hispanics if gays were given any rights.

Everyone, known as the "Gang of Eight", thought they had reached a grand compromise by throwing gay people under the bus and guaranteeing Hispanics and other minorities  immigration rights. They actually thought the Republicans really cared about minorities, as long as they weren't gay.

There is a real possibility that the bill will be dead on arrival in the House of Representative. According to a news story from Reuters the Republicans don't think that passing an immigration reform bill will help them garner the minority votes that will help them win national elections. Chuck Schumer, Feinstein and their other cowardly Democrats foolishly thought the Republicans actually cared about non white citizens of this country and would support an immigration bill, weak as it was.

Nothing in this country will ever get done for the average middle class citizens of unless these racist, bigoted, wealthy white hate mongers are driven out of government.

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