Thursday, May 30, 2013

John McCain - The New Lone Ranger

Recently former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain made a secret visit to Syria to confer with the rebels fighting the Assad government. McCain is pushing for Obama to inter the conflict by establishing a no fly zone and giving logistical support and weapons to the rebels. On his own, McCain, the Lone Ranger, met with different representatives of the rebel movement giving them increased hope of US support.

He has to be senile or just plain crazy. We are finally getting out of two disasterous wars created by the Republicans under Bush. These two wars almost destroyed our economy and killed thousands of our servicemen and women, not to mention tens of thousands of citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why does he want us to get involved in yet another debacle? Didn't Haliburton and the big corporations make enough billions off the Bush wars?

When the US took down Saddam in Iraq, Al-Quaeda was no where in sight. After we went in Al-Quaeda overan the country. The Arab Spring movement in Egypt and Libya were not a complete success. Avowed enemies of the US are now fighting for power, which would not be good for the US. The rebel movement in Syria is backed financially by Al-Quaeda and other Islamist groups. If we give weapons to these rebels we do not know, it's almost a sure bet that in time they will be using them against American soldiers.

Syria is not like Libya. She has a large and strong air force and military and is supported by Iran and Russia. Russia and Hezbollah
are supplying weapons to Assad and if we declare a no-fly zone all hell will break loose. The US does not need nor want another war in the Middle East. John McCain is not President nor Secretary of State. He is making a fool of himself by undermining US policy. If he wants to help the rebels fight, let him stay in Syria and fight. Don't risk any more American lives in your Republican wars. Syria is no threat to the US and if we want to help, let's negotiate instead of brandishing our weapons.  
         Who was that masked man? Why that was John McCain!

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