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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Obama's Umbrella Scandal

It is not like the Republicans don't have anything better to do, as they most certainly do, but they have invented yet another scandal. Yes, President Obama allowed a Marine guard to hold up an umbrella for the him and the Prime Minister of Greece. Shame!  Republicans, including Sarah Palin are outraged. This would be funny, except for the definite racist overtones. The Republican party was once a noble party, but thanks to the likes of Palin, Boehner and the Tea Party it has sunk to the depths of a bigoted and racist party of hate.
Thanks to Opinionated Democrat Facebook page.

(W) “To be fair, though, none of the other presidents who had US Marines hold umbrellas for them were black." ~Ed Brayton. Image by Politics with Jarred and Dave.

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