Sunday, June 30, 2013

DOMA is Gone! Now What?

It's been a few days since the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional. Since then I have been trying to take it all in and enjoy the victory. I have been watching gay rights supporters enthusiastically celebrate this momentous occasion. I have seen gay couples in a committed relationship, but separated by country borders, like me,  revel at the fact that they now can live together in the US. I have also seen members of the religious right and Republican Conservatives join in bigoted and hateful unity to declare absolute chaos and the end of society. They have vowed to ignore the ruling, presumably that means they won't be entering into a same sex union any time soon.

For years I have listened to the bullshit from these so called Christians and Republican hate mongers. Also for years I have seen many of these hypocritical politicians and preachers be caught in the very same homosexual acts that they condemned as defying the laws of God. I have seen my own church demonize me and other gay people, while at the same time, allowing child sex abuse by the clergy to go unpunished in the church. I have seen my church tell me and my friends that we are useless and are sinners, while at the same time the church becomes richer and richer, while the poor still suffer. I have heard people quote the Bible, after they spent hours trying to find a passage that they think condemns gays, but at the same time they ignore other passages that condemns married heterosexuals, men who have their hair cut, women and just about every single person who has ever lived. I have seen those idiots from the Tea Party, who on one hand scream for less government in our lives, and on the other hand scream for the government to regulate who can love and who can't and who can get married and who can't. Now they can't do anything about it. Let them rant and rave and hate and accuse and wither away in their ignorance and bigotry. One question I have is that many of these people prayed to God for DOMA to be upheld and many gay rights supporters prayed to the same God so that DOMA would be struck down. This same God sided with those calling for equal rights against the messengers of hate. What happened Bible thumpers? Maybe it's not gays who God hates, but you. I am sure you will have a ridiculous explanation.

Soon, many people like myself, will sponsor their partners and move back to the US, the country they were born in, but for a long time forced them to live in exile. Finally, as far as the Federal government is concerned, gays will be treated as equals. Unfortunately ignorance, stupidity, hatred and racism is still alive in well in the Southern states and in the Republican party. Let's hope that some day ALL people will be treated  equally in this country and in every country.

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