Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The GOP Can Now Breathe a Little Easier

In the last presidential election the Republicans lost the election because they received so few Black and Hispanic votes. Well their fellow Conservatives on the Supreme Court just struck down a major part of the landmark Voting Rights Act, which calls for changes in voting laws in certain parts of the country to be approved by the federal government or a federal court.  The court said things have changed, meaning in the South, and this was no longer necessary.

This is good news for the GOP who have been trying to suppress the  Black and minority voters in the South, more and more, in recent elections. Now they can successfully try to prevent Blacks in the South from voting and they have the backing of the Supreme Court AND have a chance at winning an election. What a great bunch of people, our GOP!

Photo courtesy en.m.wikipedia.org
If the GOP has its way the above photo, symbolizing a momentous occasion in our history and which meant so much to American Blacks, will no longer have any meaning at all.

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