Monday, July 22, 2013

The Royal Baby- Why is Everyone Making a Big Fuss?

I'll probably get a lot of flack from this post, but I really don't care. It's my opinion. Today Kate Middleton went into labor. For weeks now all your can read or hear in the news is about the royal baby. It seems that the whole world has lost it's mind and value system over the birth of just one baby. Why does the world go crazy over the birth of a baby into wealth and privilege?

Every day, all over the world millions of babies are born into this world. Millions of these babies will not survive to see another day or even their first birthdays. They are born into poverty and can expect to inherit the poverty of their parents and die in poverty. They will be born with no fanfare and they will die with no fanfare, as the world will neither take notice nor care. On the other hand this royal baby will be born into wealth and privilege and can expect to someday be king or queen of England. He or she one day can expect to inherit almost $1 billion, the wealth of the British royal family. To me this is obscene.

Today royalty is obsolete. In medieval times royalty served a purpose to protect the citizens of their kingdoms, in return for a rather large sum of money. Today they are just mere symbols of a time past, and serve no purpose but to suck money from the citizenry of their respective countries. At a time when Britain is cutting back on services to the poor and the middle class they continue to spend so much money on welfare for the royal family. When some babies are born in the world with barely a roof over their heads a royal baby is born with several roofs, and the attached castles, over its head. This is not just the case in Britain alone.There are other royal welfare families in Europe and the Middle East, who are taking money from the truly needy.

I do not understand why so many countries in the world, including Britain are in foreign lands fighting for human rights and democracy, yet stick to separating their people along the lines of royalty and the aristocracy on top and the rest of society, the commoners, on the bottom. I also don't understand why Americans, whose forefathers fought to break free from the tyranny of royalty can be so obsessed with a royal family. It is not only members of royal families that get the undivided attention of so many people all over the world, but also children of movie stars and other celebrities, as in the birth of Kim Kardashian's baby.

I am not a fan of royalty or the privileged classes, no matter what country they are from and I think it is a shame that so much time and money is spent on these freeloaders. If we took all of the money doled out to members of the royal families in the world and spent it on maternity and  childcare in the poorer nations of the world we could save a lot of tiny lives.

As ordinary human beings, no better than the rest of the population, I wish William and Kate a very healthy and happy baby.

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