Monday, September 23, 2013

Finally, A Little Help for Us Non-Geeks 

If there is anything that upsets me more than the ignorant morons in the Tea Party or racist, bigoted Republicans, if is dealing with new technology. I try to keep up with technology the best I can, but many times I get frustrated using my iPhone, iPad and my computer. I recently downloaded the latest operating system for my iPhone, iOS7 and didn't really know what features I had. Then I read a new website started my someone very close to me.

One of the biggest problems I have, and I am sure others of my age also have, is reading the small text on the iPhone and other devices. I went to this new website KSimplify and found a simple resolution to my problem and a couple of others. I feel better about new technology now, but I still deal with the stupidity of the Tea Party.

If you want some answers to you tech problems try reading this new blog, KSimplify. I am sure Kevin will answer any questions you may have. Good luck.

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