Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GOP Make Asses Out of Themselves
"Obama won the election and I don't like it."

As the government has been shut down for a little over 24 hours, the blame game has started. I don't see why though, because the blame falls entirely upon the Tea Party wing of the GOP. Millions of Americans, especially veterans who cannot access the  national war memorials to their service and medical and other necessary services which they need, are feeling the impact. Angry war veteran have been met by members of Congress, who have told them it is Obama's fault.

May I remind you stupid, ignorant moronic Teabaggers that the US Supreme Court has declared the Affordable Health Care Act (or as you idiots may or may not know is also called Obamacare) constitutional. It's a LAW and you have tried over 40 times to repeal it and failed each and every time! And may I also remind you morons that there was a presidential election in 2012 where the ACA or Obamacare was a major issue. This was the chance for Americans to voice their opinion on the issue and either vote Obama back in or out. Guess what? They voted him back in. You lost. Get over it and let us get on with our lives. We had to live with 2 Bush terms, even though he actually lost the first one, and we didn't shut down the government.


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