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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Time fo Get Rid of the Tea Party

I have remained relatively quiet on this blog, partly because I have been extremely upset and partly because I cannot understand the extreme and utter stupidity and ignorance of the members of the Tea Party. As I am writing this in Malaysia, there are only a few hours left to raise the debt ceiling, preventing default. As my fellow expats from Australia and Europe laugh at our so called democratic system being held hostage by a small bunch or morons, I shake my head in disbelief. I sit here watching the Tea Party destroy the USA's reputation and credibility, as well as endangering the world economy, solely because they hate the color of the Presidents skin! They hate Obama so much they will destroy the only healthcare millions of people will ever have, including themselves, while at the same time destroying the country.

What is interesting is that these Teabaggers come from the very Red states which receive the highest amount of government benefits or entitlements, which they hate so much. It is also interesting to note that in those states headed by Republican governors, the people are the least educated, the poorest and the economy is deplorable. Sort of tells you something! Yet Teabaggers from these states do not have the intelligence to see they are being taken advantage of.

In the past couple of weeks many of these right wing terrorists have been calling for the impeachment of Obama. For what reason, you morons? This just goes to show that they have no knowledge of how a democracy works, how our government works or what the constitution says. Paying for government is constitutionally the responsibility of the House of Representatives. Not the Senate, nor the White House. If anyone should be impeached it is the members of the House.

In my complete disgust with the Teabaggers, I have come up with a solution. The majority of Tea Party members come from a few Southern states or rural western states. Since they do not like our government in its present form and since they do not like minorities of any kind, they would feel much more comfortable with people who share their own medieval views. I would suggest that all of these people be allowed to move to a state such as Alabama or Mississippi where they would be allowed to govern themselves as a separate entity, after being allowed to leave the Union. (Of course we would allow the more sane and tolerant citizens of the state to settle elsewhere in the US.) They would not receive any kind of benefits from the Federal government. No Social Security, no Medicare or Medicaid, certainly no Obamacare, no veterans benefits, no food stamps, no unemployment benefits. Nothing! Think of the money the rest of us would save in not having to support these uneducated, ignorant, racist, bigoted morons.

To me this makes a great deal of sense. It sort of reminds me of Islamists who want to separate from countries such as Thailand, The Philippines and other regions of China and the former Soviet Union. Let them live by themselves in a way they choose and in a century they choose.

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