Monday, September 29, 2014


Every time I came back to the US to visit friends and family I was always made to feel like a criminal upon going through security. I must say that the TSA screeners most of the time were very rude and unfriendly. This is especially in contrast to security at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. What really got me every time I came for a visit were questions such as "What is your purpose in visiting the US?" and "How long do you plan on staying in the US?" I was very confused that since I was a US citizen I thought I had the right to leave the country and come back as often as I wanted to visit friends and family! I have talked to other Americans living abroad and they have said the same thing. Also it seems that American citizens are not always treated as well as foreign visitors! Well hopefully that I now am a full time resident of the country again I won't face the same hassles when I go on vacation abroad.

When we landed at Rochester airport we landed in a snowstorm and I was so happy to see snow. I had contracted the flu upon leaving Malaysia and had had a fever during the 36 hour travel time. The freezing cold temperatures felt wonderful. Kevin had never seen snow before, so landing in a blinding snowstorm aboard a small prop jet was quite a welcome. I was surprised to see that he fell in love with the cold temperatures and snow, especially running the snow blower.I think I prefer the cold and snow for a few months of the year of the constant high heat and humidity for 12 months of the year in Malaysia.

My next post will be about my experiences with my favorite bureaucracies, the DMV and car insurance companies!

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