Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another School Shooting

I have written a few posts in the past on gun violence and school shootings and now sadly I am doing it again. After each shooting there is an uproar from some parents and a few politicians calling for stricter gun laws and all kinds of nasty rhetoric from the NRA in defense of guns. Nothing ever gets done. So here we are again. In Washington state a teenage boy went on a shooting spree in his school cafeteria, because he was jilted by a girlfriend. He killed one student and seriously wounded others before he killed himself.

Once again people are looking for answers to stop the killings, but what is amazing is the number of loud voices who say this would never have happened if school officials and faculty were armed. They also warn people not to overreact because the Democrats will take every one's guns away. What complete and utter morons!

I have lived in other countries and have many friends from different countries in Europe and Asia. When I was living abroad I was so embarrassed each and every time there was a school shooting. I could never answer that question, "Why do Americans have to have so many guns?" America has more guns than any other country in the world and we also have abundantly more gun related deaths than any other country in the world, civilized or not.  Many opponents of gun control say that the violence is a result of violent video games. Japan, China and Korea have way more video games than the US, but they don't have any school shootings or gun related murders. These same opponents argue that gun violence is a result of poor mental health care. This is basically true, but we do not have a monopoly on mentally ill people and our care is much better than in many countries which have no instances of gun violence. Are Americans slowly becoming desensitized to school killings and regressing back to the uncivilized days of the Old West? It seems that way, especially in those states of the Old West.

The argument that Obama and the Democrats want to take away all of the guns is purely idiotic. I like to target shoot on occasion and I have friends and relatives that love hunting. The weapons that should be banned are not hunting rifles and shotguns, but assault weapons intended to kill as many people, not deer, as possible. These assault weapons are intended for  military use. Unfortunately these weapons have also found their way into the hands of terrorist organizations around the world, as well as high school students. Gun control opponents almost overwhelmingly follow Fox News and therefore get all of the wrong facts and outright lies. I am sorry to say that a couple of my friends are like this. You can't argue with them by using facts, as they believe Fox is infallible. 

The old argument that "people kill people, guns don't kill people" is true, but having so many guns so available to so many people, regardless of mental state, is completely irresponsible. For a long time this country was embroiled in the argument of whether or not gay people should be issued a license to marry. A license for two people who love each other to be married, which would hurt  no one, was bitterly fought over and most times denied, while any mentally unstable person could walk off the street and buy and assault weapon to kill as many people as he wished! When people adopt a dog or a cat they have to go through a process where they must prove they are responsible enough to own a pet. Not so with purchasing a gun in many states! As long as you a breathing, even better yet, wearing an NRA pin or Confederate flag, you can buy whatever weapon you want.

I doubt that things will change much in this country, especially since our politicians are increasingly bought  by the NRA and other large corporations. Conservatives in this country are increasing showing that they value owning a gun more than the lives of children.  Our democratic style form of government is slowly giving way to an oligarchic form of government and the American voters are too stupid to realize it. Sadly I will probably be writing another post sometime in the near future, after another mass school shooting. People are worried and demanding action after one person died from ebola, but show no concern about our increasing epidemic of school shootings! America has a problem!

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