Friday, October 10, 2014

Jills Antiques, Brockport,NY

When Kevin and I first moved to the Rochester area we had to start furnishing our home from scratch.  Needless to say buying furniture for a large house was very expensive.  We bought the basics, such as a bed, sofa, kitchen tables and chairs for the living room. As money began to run low we saw the need to economize. Both of us like vintage or antique furniture so we decided to look around the area for antique shops and garage and estate sales. One day we happened upon a quaint little store on Main Street in Brockport.  We had lunch nearby so we decided to drop in and see what was there.

Well needless to say we fell in love with the store. I think Kevin would love to have his second home here.We found Jill, the owner to be very pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. We have bought many items of furniture, old vinyl records, old lamps and other antique collectibles.Jill also has quite a collection of vintage clothing, photos, toys and china.

We have also purchased an old radio and a vintage turntable from Jill, which are in prefect working condition. It is very assuring to know that when you purchase something like antique radios or other such equipment, that it actually works. And that's because Jill's father,a semi-retired radio and electronics technician, makes sure they all work. He also works there Sunday afternoons and is always willing to answer your questions about the radios etc.

I am by no means a person who knows what they are doing when it comes to antiques, but I know what I like and I can usually find it here at a reasonable price. If Jill doesn't have what I am looking for I can ask her to keep an eye out for it. Many times we go in the shop to browse or simply chat, because the atmosphere is so comfortable and we just feel at ease looking around.

I usually don't use my blog to promote businesses, as those who read this can tell, but I believe in supporting those who have supported us in our move into our new home town. If you are in the neighborhood of Main Street, in Brockport, NY, please stop in at Jill's Antiques and Collectibles at 65 Main St.. She is open Mon.-Fri. 10:30-6, Sat.10:30-5, Sun.12-4. Her website is
You won't regret your visit.

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