Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You're in Good Hands

One of the more important things I had to do when I moved back home was to buy a car. This was a necessity if we wanted to look around for a house and become independent. I had already basically made up my mind as to what car I wanted and all I had to do was to get the best deal possible. I finally settled on a new Ford Focus hatchback, which was the most practical and economical for the both of us at this time. Even though I wanted a sportier car, the Focus made more sense when it came to shopping and driving in the snow etc. I can always get a sportier model the next time.

All of the paperwork was done and I paid for the car, without a hitch. All that was left was to get the insurance. This was no easy task. On the way home from the car dealer we stopped at a well known auto insurance company to check on the rates. You know the one with the good hands. When I told them I only had a Malaysian driver's license, even though I have had both Massachusetts and New York licenses for years and was an American citizen, they didn't even want to talk with me. They told me there is nothing they could do and then proceeded to treat me as though I wasn't there. I was really surprised as to how rude they were. A few doors down from here we visited an office that dealt with multiple companies. Once again after I told then I had a Malaysian license, they acted like I had Ebola. They did find a company, but the premiums were just a little over $6000 a year! When we got back to my nieces house, where were staying I called Geico. I love geckos and have always loved Geico's ads. I talked to the agent over the phone and explained having a Malaysian driver's license. No problem! I got the policy and was not charged exorbitant rates because I happened to live outside of the country for a time. Ironically after we bought our house a short time later, the same insurance company had the balls to ask me to insure our house with them! Naturally I called Geico and got a policy with them at a much cheaper rate. Thank you Geico.

After purchasing the car and getting the required insurance I had a rather not so pleasant surprise when I looked for information on getting my NYS driver's license. I thought, like Massachusetts and many states, I only needed to trade in my Malaysian license. Wrong! Just as if I had never stepped food in a car I had to take the learner's permit test to get my permit and then take a road test again. But before I can take the road test I have to take a 5 hour course on how to drive! I was being treated like a 16 year old again! What was really funny is that every time I mentioned I had a Malaysian driver's license and I had lived in Malaysia for 7 years, these morons didn't even know what or where Malaysia was! Well I got the permit and one of these days I'll sign up for the class and then take my road test again. What a pain in the ass!

Welcome Home!

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