Thursday, November 20, 2014

Offline - Thanks to Dell and Windows

For the past week I have not published any posts due to the fact that I could not connect to the Internet. I have an 8 month old Dell desktop computer, which I purchased brand new. It came with Windows 8 already installed. A few weeks after I purchased it I ran into trouble connecting to the Internet. Apparently Windows 8 was preventing Internet connection. At that time I contacted Dell support and spoke several times with a supposed engineer, in India. After 5 agonizing days I was able to connect. I had to install Widows 8.1, which was difficult since Windows 8 was preventing it. When I bought this computer I came very close to purchasing an IMac, but sadly didn't.

For the past few months I was able to connect to the Internet, but was having other problems, such as adware and spyware, even though I had one of the best antivirus software, Bitdefender. Finally one day last week I was not able to connect to the Internet, as I do everyday. For some reason Windows would not allow this. Kevin, who is very knowledgeable in computers, tried to fix the problem remembering what was done the last time. It didn't work. What he did discover in trying to fix my problem was that everything Dell had installed in my "new" computer was the 2012 version! He made a number of attempts to contact Dell Customer Support but rand into a couple of problems. First of all the people in customer support were based in India and their command of the English language was atrocious, which caused a severe communication problem. After he finally spoke with someone who could communicate effectively in English, he was informed that my warranty has expired 4 months ago. My 1 year warranty on the computer I bought brand new 8 months ago expired 4 months early according to Dell. It was explained to them that I registered the PC when I bought it and they should have a record of this. They didn't and they basically said it was not their problem!

After Kevin installing and reinstalling Windows 8.1 I am finally able to connect to the Internet, but I  lost a lot of saved websites and files.Once I was able to connect there were about 120 updates from Microsoft waiting to be installed. Why the hell are there so many updates? Must be that Windows is an extremely crappy OS!

Black Friday is only days away and the first thing I am going to do is to go to Best Buy and buy myself an IMac, so I can get rid of this piece of Dell crap! I won't ever have to pay outlandish amounts of money for OS upgrades that Apple provides for free and I won't have to worry so much about constant hacker attacks, as I did with Microsoft.

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