Friday, February 13, 2015

Have You Met God's Match for You?

 It seems as though the closer we get to Valentine's Day the more commercials we see for online dating websites.  When I was younger there were only a couple of legitimate sites around, Yahoo Personals and Match.Com. I haven't seen anything about the Yahoo site in years and am not sure if it still exists. It seems like the 2 biggies that are still around are and Eharmony.  Match.Com TV commercials are actually well done and somewhat entertaining, while those of Eharmony are rather annoying because of the snake oil salesman like founder, who appears in each and every one of the ads. Eharmoney is actually a Christian website in disguise that, after a number of lawsuits, decided to offer an affiliate site for gay people. I would imagine that both of these sites are legitimate upfront dating sites conducted in a very businesslike manner. They don't pretend to be anything other than what they actually are.

    The commercials that really amuse and annoy me are the ones for Christian Mingle.  It doesn't bother me at all that there are sites that appeal to those daters who are looking for someone of the same religion or ethnicity. Those sites make it clear that they are for Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Asian singles. They basically tell you that if you join their site you will have a number of people of the same religion or ethnicity to chose from.  As in all sites you pay a fee and look for someone  whose interests match yours. Not so with Christian Mingle! A computer doesn't find your match. The site doesn't find your match.  God finds your match!

    This to me is not only unethical but fraudulent. Maybe it is just a humorous way to attract possible members, but there are, I am sure, many devout, but naive and ignorant Christians out there who actually believe God will be making the matches. This is just another example of a religion fleecing it's followers.  If indeed the owners and staff of this site firmly believe that God is making the choices, then the services should be free, since, as far as I know God doesn't charge for his services!  I wonder if the relationship doesn't work out who gets the blame. God?

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day with their loved ones, regardless of who made the match!


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