Saturday, February 7, 2015

Make Money Fast Online.

    How often have you seen ads on the internet telling you that you can make fast money online by doing surveys or other menial tasks? How often have you seen testimonials from seemingly  average people like you an me who say they can earn $200, $300 or more a week just taking surveys for a few hours a week? There are probably thousands of sites offering the opportunities for each and everyone of us to make a small fortune.

    Well out of a combination of curiosity and boredom I started to do a little research on ways to make money online.  There seems to be quite a number of legitimate sites where you can make money online by offering a service, writing articles or utilizing a skill you  may have. There are many medical transcription jobs or translation jobs available, where a modest amount of money can be made. These jobs, however, require a certain amount of experience and certification.  There are also many sites that offer training in various types of certification for medical transcription and similar jobs.

    The vast majority of online opportunities involve taking surveys. I looked into a number of these survey sites and found they were basically the same, with a few exceptions. Some of the sites required the use of a credit card or an investment upfront before you can take a survey. I did some quick research involving a few of these sites, eliminating those that required a credit card or investment, other than time. I settled on 3 sites, where I joined the site and actually took surveys and participated in some of the so called money making activities.

    I found that there was no shortage of surveys on each of the 3 sites, but the problem was qualifying for the surveys. I found that in the vast majority of the surveys I did not qualify, presumably because of my age and retired status. Sometimes I would qualify, then be kicked out half way or more through the survey.  Some of the surveys required a telephone number before you can qualify. I tried this on one survey, but quickly stopped doing this after receiving a number of unwanted calls trying to sell me anything and everything. In an average hour attempting to take surveys, I found that I probably actually qualified and finished 2 surveys. Most surveys took 20 or 30 minutes.  The 20 minutes surveys paid about $ .38 and the 30 minutes ones paid may $ .50. Those surveys that paid $1.00 to $2.00 required an invest of much more than the money you would make, but entered you into a sweepstakes..  You can also earn $ .02 for reading every 2 emails sent to your inbox or $ .001 for watching a 5 second ad. I spent about  3 hours each day for 5 days on these activities.  For the work on all 3 sites I earned a whopping $39.58!  I would feel safe to say that if you wanted to earn $200 to $300 dollars a week you would have to spend at least 100 hours a week filling out surveys!

    I know these adds for "getting rich quick" seem enticing, but they definitely are too good to be true.  Even though starting and maintaining a blog will not make me or most people rich, it is much more rewarding and fulfilling than taking surveys for hours and hours on end.  So I have decided to continue writing my blog and writing about what interests or effects me.

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