Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Time for a Different Direction?


    It has been over a month since anything has been posted to this blog and it isn't because of laziness. I have been thinking a lot about what to do with this blog. When I first began writing Steveso Thinks about 3 years ago, while living in Malaysia, I wanted to share my views and opinions of some political and social issues back in the US. I also wanted to make some money. I initially worked many hours in trying to promote my blog in order to gain readers, who in turn would help generate money by clicking on some of the ads.  I would spend hours and hours trying to increase the number of hits to my blog, but to little or no avail. I originally used AdSense to monetize my blog, but for some reason my account was cancelled and once Google does that there is no getting it back. I have placed affiliate ads and Infolinks on my site in hopes of garnering a little cash.  Since November of 2011 I have made $22! That is an average of 1cent a day!  I will discuss this situation later in the blog.

    When I moved back to the US I planned on spending more time posting to my blog as I would have more time to write, once I got settled in. The whole process of Kevin applying for his green card and finally getting it, took over 6 months. What I didn't expect was that I also had to start over establishing myself as a resident of New York State and the US. I had to apply for a learner's permit, take a driving course and take the road test all over again, just as I had never existed.  I also had to deal with the sticker shock of paying for health insurance and paying outrageous taxes. The cost of living in my new area of residence is quite low, but the taxes are sky high. Finally all of the nitty gritty paperwork and procedures are over and I can look ahead to the future - I think.

    In the time I had been living outside of the US things had changed. The US I had lived in was becoming polarized, socially and politically, but people still acted civilized and polite. Even Fox News was not as venomous, as it is now. The economy was in the toilet and we were involved in 2 unnecessary and unjust wars orchestrated by Bush and Cheney. The middle class, was alive, but just barely hanging on. People disagreed with each other, but remained friends. Things have changed. A Black Democrat was elected President and the Republican party caved in to far right Christian extremists of the Tea Party movement. Moving back to the US I am saddened and amazed at the level of hatred, bigotry and racism that now pervades American society. I am amazed that politicians, public figures and entertainers can call for the assassination of the President of the United States, and nothing happens to them. I am amazed that nothing has happened to Obama in this kind of climate. I am also dismayed and surprised that the FCC has allowed Fox News to deliberately fabricate and change the context of news to smear the President and even his wife and children. I am angered that Fox has fanned the flames of hatred and racism and that they are proud of it. What is really sad is the number of poor, uneducated people who believe the sinister propaganda spewing from this network! During the most recent elections these people were led to vote for the very candidates who would end up legislating against their best interests.

    In the past few weeks I have been debating rather it is worth the time and trouble to maintain this blog and continue to voice my opinions. I used to allow anonymous comments here, but disallowed them after receiving quite a few incoherent and racist tirades and even a couple of threats of physical violence.  Today I have edited the preferences of this blog to allow comments from people who have Google accounts. If I get rants or threats I will simply delete them. I may not answer them as this is really my blog and my opinions.

    At this point I must decide what direction this blog will go in the future.  I really don't think it does any good for me to strongly express my opinions on most of the subjects I write about,  other than raising my blood pressure or that of those who are not in agreement with me.  Unless I miraculously acquire a huge following for this blog I don't think I'll have any influence.  Should I continue what I am doing or should I start publishing posts that are not controversial, but still my opinion? Or should I go in a different direction? Should I completely change the focus of this blog to aim it solely in the direction of making money? I am not sure. I spent the past week searching for ways to utilize my free time and earn some spending money online. I discovered that by utilizing a few survey sites I can spend many hours a day and make pennies. In one week I have earned $40, but haven't actually been paid yet! It's more than earning $.01 a day, but not anywhere as fulfilling.  I guess I have given up on trying to do something I like, while at the same time trying to make a little money.

    In the next few weeks I will decide which direction to take. I really want to make money and I really want to use my brain. I have had many experiences during my lifetime and that makes me an expert in life. I'll keep thinking and keep searching for the right niche for me. I would appreciate any comments, ideas or feedback anyone may have . And thanks to those who actually took the time to read my rambling thoughts.



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