Sunday, February 8, 2015

Winter Storm Marcus - How much Snow Will We Get

    Well in less than 3 weeks another major snowstorm is hitting the Northeast with heavy snow, strong winds and bitter cold temperatures. These storms seem to be hitting here in the Rochester area on Sunday afternoons and strengthening until they die out late on Monday. With the last snowstorm, Linus, we received about 2 feet of blowing and drifting snow. This was nothing compared to what my friends in Boston were greeted with.

    Winter storm Marcus started here in western New York as a mixture of rain and sleet, but has just turned to all snow.  According to the National Weather Service we should receive between 8 and 12 inches of snow, before it is all over late on Monday evening.  This should make for an interesting commute for all of those who work or have to drive to school.

    There are many updates on this and previous snowstorms on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and without exception the comments read about how sick everyone is of winter.  I am originally from Watertown, NY, probably the snow capital of the US, and am quite used to snow and bitter cold. I also lived through many storms and blizzards while working in Boston. However, about 8 years ago I moved to Penang, Malaysia, an island off the west coast of Malaysia, where I experienced constant heat and humidity, 24/7. The coolest it ever got was about 80 degrees. I realized that in Malaysia when it became hotter, there were just so many clothes I could take off without being arrested!

    With every day being oppressive I found my energy was constantly drained from my body.
Being back in New York State, with the  heavy, blowing snow  and bitter cold temperatures, I realized how much I really missed this climate. I missed staying in bed under my down blankets and comforters. I missed having hot chocolate after plowing the driveway or a hot toddy when it was bitterly cold. Now that we have a fireplace it's even more comforting than ever to get warm. 

    Some people love the heat and humidity of tropical beaches and other paradises, but for me they're only for short vacations. I'll take cold and snow anytime!

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