Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope Francis Visits the US 

    I am not a religious person, but I do admire Pope Francis and what he stands for. I was baptized a Catholic and attended Catholic elementary and high schools. As I got older I grew away from the Catholic Church over its hypocrisy and refusal to come into the modern world.  To me the Church hierarchy and the clergy  no longer represented the teachings of Christ. To me it was irrelevant.  I felt alienated and unwanted by the Church. Shortly after Pope Francis was elected I could see a change in attitude towards former members of the Church that had previously been chastised. His attitude towards women, gays, the poor and society in general gave me hope that the Church would soon come into the modern world.

   I am amazed to see the throngs showing up to view his motorcade. There are people from all faiths, including Muslims and atheists who have come out to greet him. And then we hear from the American religious right! They are condemning him for speaking out in defense of the poor, the immigrants and the environment. They are condemning him for saying exactly what Jesus Christ would say if he were here today. He is being condemned for what these ignorant right wing bigots should believe if they are truly Christians. One prominent right wing minister even went on CNN to say that Catholics are not Christian and have not been since the middle ages. What rock has he been hiding under? Most of these right wingers forget that Pope Francis is the latest pope in a line of popes that date back to the first century AD. A far cry from some of these storefront churches that were found 20 or 30 years ago!

    The Pope is scheduled to give a speech to a joint session of Congress, which some Republican religious right members have threatened to boycott. They evidently don't like his message of love and peace and taking care of the poor. They would rather sit there and listen to a war monger like Benjamin Netanyahu! Oh how far the GOP has sunk in pandering to their base of religious bigots and their worship of the almighty dollar. Like I said before I am not a religious person, but I am truly ashamed and embarrassed by the actions of our Republican party and  their so called Christian followers.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Does Trump Have a Muslim Problem or Just a Minority Problem?

    Last night at a Town Hall meeting in New Hampshire Donald Trump took a question from a member of the audience, who stated that Obama was a Muslim and not an American.  He also said we have to do something about the "Muslim problem". Trump replied that it was a good question and then went on to say that he had plans to "take care of this".  Are his plans his version of "The Final Solution"?

    It is shocking to see that this audience member was so ignorant in believing that Obama was a Muslim and not even an American citizen, as many Republicans also believe thanks to Fox News.  But what is even more shocking is that Trump did not correct him with the truth, but instead agreed and encouraged him!  Hours after this event Trump has received a lot of criticism, but has not apologized for his remarks.

    This is not only embarrassing, but it is extremely dangerous. Just as Hitler was laughed at before his rise to power, Trump is being laughed at and not being taken that seriously. Hitler blamed the Jew for all of the problems of Germany, just as Trump and his ill informed and ignorant supporters are blaming Muslims and immigrants for all of the problems of the US.  Haven't we learned anything from history?

    Trump is no clown. He is evil. He does not represent the Republican party. He represents racists, bigots, haters and all that is wrong with this county today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Faith is Stronger than your Faith!

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    Even though I am not following the Republican race for the 2016 nomination I can't help but hear some of the crap that is being thrown around, since it is all there is on news programs. I don't really care for Trump, but I think it is both unfair and completely ridiculous that the other candidates, like Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee, are accusing him of not having a strong Christian faith. Cable news is constantly talking about how Trump is not talking more about his Christian faith.  This is complete and utter BS. The last time I checked this upcoming election is to elect a new president, not the head of the Christian church in America!

  The fact that the Republican candidates are trying to outdo each other regarding who has the stronger faith is reminiscent of what is going on in the Middle East with the Islamic faith. Both the Taliban and Isis are claiming to represent "true" Islam and Isis is destroying thousands of years old priceless cultural artifacts because they don't fit in with their beliefs. Worse yet, both groups are executing men, women and children who do not adhere to their unique take on Islam!  Conservative Christians are going down the same road, as exemplified in their opposition to evolution, climate change and more recently the circus in Kentucky, regarding the issuance of marriage licenses to same sex couples.  There are already those right wing Christians who advocate executing gays!

    Regardless of what Fox News says or what fundamentalist Christians believe this country was not founded on the Bible or the Christian faith. The Founding Fathers were about as religious as a rowdy bunch of frat boys! If these people would only take the time to actually read the Constitution and the history or our Founding Fathers, instead of blindly following Fox News, they would realize this. Religion, whatever denomination, has absolutely no place in politics or government.  Everyone is free to pray, attend services and practice their religious beliefs, but NOT to force their beliefs on others.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Why are Prescription Medications so Expensive?

    This is one question I keep asking myself and I am sure I am not the only one doing so, especially retirees and those on a fixed income.  Whenever we bitch and complain to our elected officials we get the same tiring answers. "I feel your pain". "We are working on it". These patronizing answers coming from members of Congress who do not have to worry about paying these high costs with their generous government health plans, do not sit well with me. They have no interest in changing anything because they are bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies.

    I am lucky enough not to require numerous expensive prescription drugs, but many seniors do need multiple drugs, which they must pay for on a limited fixed income. Medicare  Part D prescription drug programs help, but the newer drugs are in Tier 3 or 4, which means that they are much more expensive. Those drug plans that do have a lower copay also have a higher premium. So they rob you either way. What really sickens me is the amount of advertising the drug companies do to promote their most popular or newest drugs! How many suffering people watch these ads that offer hope for relieving pain and alleviating symptoms of chronic health problems and feel hopeless because they cannot afford to buy them?

    When I lived in Malaysia I took the same medicines that I take now in the US. I didn't have a drug plan there, but I still paid less than 1/3 of what I do now. Of course the airways and print media did not bombard the public with costly drug ads.  I used to work in the Longwood Medical Area section of Boston, which was a center for healthcare, medical research and education and Harvard Medical School. I can remember constant construction involving the building of numerous multi-million dollar state of the art pharmaceutical research facilities. I could not help thinking that every time I saw a new building go up the cost of prescription drugs would skyrocket!

    I realize that research for new drugs is very expensive and construction is too, but as well as assuring the best of salaries and facilities, the drug companies should also try to assure that their drugs are affordable to all who need them, not just the wealthy. If their drugs are really good and effective,  word of mouth and patient and doctor affirmation will sell them. They don't need billion dollar ad campaigns, which help drive up the costs, for those who need help the most!  I don't feel at all hopeful for the future because I feel the main purpose of the big pharmaceutical companies is to make money, not to alleviate suffering on a wide scale!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Am So Sick of Donald Trump!

There is a whole year until the 2016 presidential election, but I am sick and tired of it already!
Every time I turn on CNN I see the front runner Republican clown, Donald Trump. It seems as though he is being interviewed every few days in a CNN special or his disgusting rants and antics are being discussed on every other CNN news show. I know their rating are bad, but what the hell! Did Trump buy the network? Every time I see the term "Breaking News" it is usually about Trump!

When I go to the other networks for news ( I don't include FOX as a real news organization) I don't find much more news other than Trump.  I know there has to be other things going on in the world, so I have to go to the Internet to find news of the world. Trump should buy his own network and star in a 24/7 reality show based on himself or appear 24/7 on the Comedy Central!

I hope he implodes soon or at least I hope the morons who support him will reach the limit of their attention spans.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Is Kim Davis a religious bigot or just plain ignorant?

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    Since the US Supreme Court ruled that states cannot ban same sex couples from marrying, Kim Davis, the County Clerk from Rowan County has been refusing to issue ANY marriage licenses because she says her faith condemns same sex marriages. At first her refusal was laughable, but now it is a crime. She has refused to obey the rulings of the Supreme Court and lower courts telling her that she must abide by the law. She has most recently been jailed for contempt of court. Is she a bona fide religious bigot or just a plain ignorant person seeking her 15 minutes of fame and perhaps monetary gain? I think a little of both.

    First of all she refers to her deep religious beliefs, even thought she has been divorced 3 times.  Her deep religious beliefs come not from her affiliation with a mainstream church but from her recent membership in the Apostolic Church, a religious cult or at best a fringe group. Their teachings are not shared by the majority of people calling themselves Christian. She and her supporters often refer to the Bible and the Constitution to prove that she is right and she is being persecuted. They are completely  ignorant when it comes to knowledge of both the Bible and the Constitution. The Bible not once talks about same sex marriage and Jesus never referred to gays. The Constitution strongly affirms that no test of religious belief for public office shall ever be required! She has also taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, not her faith.

    Davis is being represented, free of charge, by lawyers from Liberty Counsel, a hate group pushing their brand of Christianity on the American people. This whole debacle is nothing but free publicity for these religious bigots. Davis' fellow ignorant religious bigots have started online funding sources to support her. She knows the more she fights this futile and asinine battle the richer she will become!

    The state of Kentucky should impeach her as she is now is a criminal and has refused to carry out the duties of her office. If this type of behavior is allowed to continue what comes next? Can Quakers refuse to pay their income tax because part of the money is to support war? Can a policeman refuse to come to the aid of a Black person because he believes Blacks are inferior? Can a firefighter refuse to extinguish a fire in a gay person's home because his faith condemn homosexuality?  Because Jews and Muslims don't eat pork because their faith forbids it, to the rest of us have to stop eating ham on Easter? 

    This country is involved in a war on terror and actively fighting ISIS and the Taliban, in Afghanistan and Iraq because they are trying to force their religious beliefs and their interpretation of Islam on anyone who does not believe as they do. Can't this country see that here at home right wing religious groups are doing the same thing with Christianity? There is no war on Christianity. There is a right wing Christian war on "real"  Christians and anybody who doesn't believe as they do.

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