Thursday, September 10, 2015

I Am So Sick of Donald Trump!

There is a whole year until the 2016 presidential election, but I am sick and tired of it already!
Every time I turn on CNN I see the front runner Republican clown, Donald Trump. It seems as though he is being interviewed every few days in a CNN special or his disgusting rants and antics are being discussed on every other CNN news show. I know their rating are bad, but what the hell! Did Trump buy the network? Every time I see the term "Breaking News" it is usually about Trump!

When I go to the other networks for news ( I don't include FOX as a real news organization) I don't find much more news other than Trump.  I know there has to be other things going on in the world, so I have to go to the Internet to find news of the world. Trump should buy his own network and star in a 24/7 reality show based on himself or appear 24/7 on the Comedy Central!

I hope he implodes soon or at least I hope the morons who support him will reach the limit of their attention spans.

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