Saturday, September 5, 2015

Is Kim Davis a religious bigot or just plain ignorant?

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    Since the US Supreme Court ruled that states cannot ban same sex couples from marrying, Kim Davis, the County Clerk from Rowan County has been refusing to issue ANY marriage licenses because she says her faith condemns same sex marriages. At first her refusal was laughable, but now it is a crime. She has refused to obey the rulings of the Supreme Court and lower courts telling her that she must abide by the law. She has most recently been jailed for contempt of court. Is she a bona fide religious bigot or just a plain ignorant person seeking her 15 minutes of fame and perhaps monetary gain? I think a little of both.

    First of all she refers to her deep religious beliefs, even thought she has been divorced 3 times.  Her deep religious beliefs come not from her affiliation with a mainstream church but from her recent membership in the Apostolic Church, a religious cult or at best a fringe group. Their teachings are not shared by the majority of people calling themselves Christian. She and her supporters often refer to the Bible and the Constitution to prove that she is right and she is being persecuted. They are completely  ignorant when it comes to knowledge of both the Bible and the Constitution. The Bible not once talks about same sex marriage and Jesus never referred to gays. The Constitution strongly affirms that no test of religious belief for public office shall ever be required! She has also taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, not her faith.

    Davis is being represented, free of charge, by lawyers from Liberty Counsel, a hate group pushing their brand of Christianity on the American people. This whole debacle is nothing but free publicity for these religious bigots. Davis' fellow ignorant religious bigots have started online funding sources to support her. She knows the more she fights this futile and asinine battle the richer she will become!

    The state of Kentucky should impeach her as she is now is a criminal and has refused to carry out the duties of her office. If this type of behavior is allowed to continue what comes next? Can Quakers refuse to pay their income tax because part of the money is to support war? Can a policeman refuse to come to the aid of a Black person because he believes Blacks are inferior? Can a firefighter refuse to extinguish a fire in a gay person's home because his faith condemn homosexuality?  Because Jews and Muslims don't eat pork because their faith forbids it, to the rest of us have to stop eating ham on Easter? 

    This country is involved in a war on terror and actively fighting ISIS and the Taliban, in Afghanistan and Iraq because they are trying to force their religious beliefs and their interpretation of Islam on anyone who does not believe as they do. Can't this country see that here at home right wing religious groups are doing the same thing with Christianity? There is no war on Christianity. There is a right wing Christian war on "real"  Christians and anybody who doesn't believe as they do.

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