Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Faith is Stronger than your Faith!

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    Even though I am not following the Republican race for the 2016 nomination I can't help but hear some of the crap that is being thrown around, since it is all there is on news programs. I don't really care for Trump, but I think it is both unfair and completely ridiculous that the other candidates, like Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee, are accusing him of not having a strong Christian faith. Cable news is constantly talking about how Trump is not talking more about his Christian faith.  This is complete and utter BS. The last time I checked this upcoming election is to elect a new president, not the head of the Christian church in America!

  The fact that the Republican candidates are trying to outdo each other regarding who has the stronger faith is reminiscent of what is going on in the Middle East with the Islamic faith. Both the Taliban and Isis are claiming to represent "true" Islam and Isis is destroying thousands of years old priceless cultural artifacts because they don't fit in with their beliefs. Worse yet, both groups are executing men, women and children who do not adhere to their unique take on Islam!  Conservative Christians are going down the same road, as exemplified in their opposition to evolution, climate change and more recently the circus in Kentucky, regarding the issuance of marriage licenses to same sex couples.  There are already those right wing Christians who advocate executing gays!

    Regardless of what Fox News says or what fundamentalist Christians believe this country was not founded on the Bible or the Christian faith. The Founding Fathers were about as religious as a rowdy bunch of frat boys! If these people would only take the time to actually read the Constitution and the history or our Founding Fathers, instead of blindly following Fox News, they would realize this. Religion, whatever denomination, has absolutely no place in politics or government.  Everyone is free to pray, attend services and practice their religious beliefs, but NOT to force their beliefs on others.

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