Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Can't Keep Quiet Any Longer!

It's been about six months since I have posted anything here, as I was really fed up with the presidential election, even before it got into full swing. I am so disgusted by the campaign that I feel I have to blow off some steam. Even though I realize that very few people read this blog, I will feel better about doing it.

First of all I would like to say something about Clinton's remark about 50% of Trump supporters being deplorable.  That's disgusting. It's more like 80%!

Whenever I speak with a Trump supporter I find that they receive all of their information regarding Trump from FOX news. They NEVER listen to any other source of news on the campaign other than FOX!  This is scary because there is a great deal of news out there about just how racist and dishonest Trump is, but his supporters refuse to listen to other opinions. Most of them don't read magazines or newspapers either so there is no way they can be enlightened. There is no use in using the facts when trying to discuss Clinton versus Trump. The truth falls on deaf ears with Trump supporters.

To be continued.

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