Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Another American Mass Shooting! Why?


     Once again America suffers from another mass shooting.  This time in Las Vegas, where 59 people were murdered and over 515 people were injured by an older white male terrorist using a machine gun or automatic weapon.  That's right a "terrorist".  The White House and the media call him a mentally ill person!  If he were a Muslim or anyone else other than a white guy he definitely would be called a terrorist.  I guess that's what we call "white privilege",

    Once again all the politicians in Congress call for prayers!  Bullshit!  We don't need prayers.  We have been praying for years after each and every one of these shootings!  And they still happen!  You can pray for the souls of the dead and the recovery of victims but prayers don't work for prevention!  Congress has to get off their collective asses and put the well being of every American over their millions of dollars in NRA contributions!  Click here for a link that shows how much the NRA contributes to members of Congress!

    After each of our too frequent mass shootings Congress always says "it's too early to discuss gun control".  When is a good time Congressmen?  Right now there is a bill in Congress to ease the control of gun silencers and to reduce restrictions on "armor piercing bullets", which would be a boon to the gun industry.   This would be great!  Future shooters could shoot more people silently and also be able to kill first responders too! After the shooting the GOP put the bill on hold! I guess it would interrupt their praying. 

    Sensible people are calling on Trump to enact more effective gun control laws.  That will never happen!  His base is the NRA!  According to the Washington Post, former White House Advisor Steve Bannon said "if Trump changes gun control positions it's the end of everything".  NRA money IS more important than American lives!

    Opponents of gun control always blame mental illness for gun violence, which is in some ways partially true.  But why did Congress and Trump repeal Obama's block on gun sales for some mentally ill people?  If mental illness is truly the cause of America's epidemic of mass shootings then why does America have more mentally ill people than every other country in the world?  It is odd that the GOP says that the shooter in Las Vegas has a right to own assault rifles, but the over 515 people injured DO NOT have a right to affordable healthcare!

    These shootings will continue to happen in this country, with the blessing of Congress, praying while their hands are covered in the blood of shooting victims and their wallets are stuffed with NRA money. Unless we the people take a stand against the NRA and their bought and paid for Congress and vote them all out of office!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The New Trump Tax Cut!


    Well yesterday Trump announced the new GOP tax plan, which he stated was a big tax cut for the middle class.  Yes, it is definitely a tax cut, but for the wealthy!  Sure the personal deductions may be double and the child care credit will double, but most of the individual deductions will be eliminated!  These include deductions for state and local taxes.  The truth is that the tax rate for middle class earners will actually go up.  Business taxes will go down from 34% to 20%!  And the estate tax, which applies to those who would inherit more than $5.3 million, will be completely eliminated! 
The deficit would increase by about $5 trillion!

    Trump also said that this plan will being back jobs to the US.  Does this mean that his and Ivanka's businesses will now produce their products in the US instead of China?  More on this as the plan develops.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Dotard! How Appropriate!

   North Korean madman, Kim Jong -Un, yesterday called American madman, Donald Trump, a "mentally deranged U.S. dotard", which sent most Americans scurrying to find out what it means.
Basically it means a senile old fool! A quite accurate description, I must say!  It's a shame that the leader of North Korea has a better English vocabulary than Trump!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill is just Another Attack on the American People!


    The latest attempt buy the Republicans to take away healthcare form the American people is the Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill.  The Republicans are trying to ram it through before September 30, the deadline they they themselves set.  This would repeal Obamacare and force approximately 18 million people off the healthcare rolls.  It would eliminate insurance for pre-existing conditions, eliminate maternity coverage and eliminate the lifetime bans on the amount of lifetime benefits.  It would also raise premiums for most people.

    This plan would drastically cut the amount of money paid to the states through medicaid which assists lower income people.  It is interesting to note that the states that would be hit the hardest are Blue states, such as California and New York!  This his money in return would be given to states, such as Texas and Alabama, which are Red states! Sound like a reward for those states who voted for Trump.  All of the national patient and health groups, such as the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association etc. are vehemently opposed to this bill.

    Of course the Republicans are not listening to these groups or the American people, but instead are paying more attention to the Koch brothers, who have said that if the Republicans do not pass a repeal of Obamacare they will cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions to the Republicans!

    Why don't the Republicans like Obamacare? There are three reasons. (1) It was a Democratic plan, (2) it helps the women and poorer members of our society, while fairly taxing the rich and most importantly (3) it was created by a Black president!!!!!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Trump Attacks Chilhood Immigrants and Destroys DACA

    Without an intelligent thought in his head the heartless and racist POTUS attacked millions of people who were brought to this country as children by destroying DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)!  Without thinking of the millions of families that would be destroyed, the huge negative affect on the economy and the future suffering of those people who would be sent back to a country they do not know, Trump ended DACA.  The sniveling coward didn't have the balls to make the announcement himself,  so he sent out the country's preeminent racist and repulsive rodent Jeff Sessions to gleefully make the announcement!

    Sessions argues that these "DREAMers" took jobs away from Americans and that this country is a country of laws.  This coming from a KKK sympathizer who committed perjury by lying to Congress.  I'm sure that nothing pleased this vermin more than deporting millions of people who have too much melanin in their skin!  

    It's disgusting to hear Trump supporters saying that these DREAMers have taken away college spots from real Americans who wanted to go to college.  They mean whites who were too damn stupid to meet the admissions requirements or who were too lazy to even try apply for college!  Remember that a large majority of Trump's supporters are not college educated and actually think that a college education is bad for America!  It really boils down to the fact that a large number of these dreamers do not have white skin!

    These DREAMers combined have to pay millions to retain their status and must not be convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor.  They cannot receive welfare or any other governmnet assistance.  91% of these DREAMers are employed and pay billions of dollars in taxes.  This is probably a lot more taxes than Trump's low life supporters pay!  Many States will see a drain of billions of dollars from their coffers if DACA is ended!  The crime statistics among DREAMers is lower that the general population.  According to the Cato Institute DREAMers are less likely to be incarcerated than native born Americans with the same age and education!

    I'm sure Trump paid absolutely no attention to the effects that ending DACA would have on the economy or the on lives of those individuals and families. His main concern was that DACA was created by Obama! What a pathetic little man Trump is!


Friday, September 1, 2017

Drain the Swamp?

    One of the sayings from Trump's campaign that ihs ignorant supporters were thrilled about and still reach orgasm over when hearing it is "Drain the Swamp".  He criticized Hillary Clinton for giving "paid" speeches to Goldman Sachs, but turned around and named a senior executive of Goldman Sachs as Secretary of the Treasury. He named the CEO of Exxon to be the Secretary of State.  Trump's cabinet members have a net worth of over $13 billion!  He has named Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education, even though she is totally unqualified and detests the public school system, favoring "Christian schools"!  He has named a well know bigot and racist to be Attorney General. He has named many people who have absolutely no qualifications or experience, other than wanting to destroy the very departments they head. All of his cabinet members want to destroy the government regulations on the environment and business, that prevent them from making as much money as they possibly can!

    It is funny that the poor fools that supported and voted for Trump will be the ones who will suffer the most under Trump's billionaire cabinet. Unfortunately they are not smart enough now to realize that, as their environment and health are being attacked and they lose their healthcare!  Indeed Trump has drained the swamp, but created a cesspool!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to Make Money From People's Suffering

Photo courtesy of  Flickr

    Hurricane Harvey is the fist natural disaster to occur during the Trump administration and the first real test of his leadership capability.  Well he failed that test miserably!  He went to Texas, but he didn't go anywhere near the devastation.  He didn't get wet or dirty. Melania even wore a pair of stilettos, which I am sure the poor victims of the hurricane could never be able to afford, even if they wanted to look so slutty!  Trump was criticized for not putting his around a victim of the hurricane and hugging him/her showing that he cared. How could he?  He didn't even go near any of the victims!  He didn't even mention the victims or first responders!  He didn't see any of the destruction!

    What did he do? He talked about himself!  He talked about pardoning the great American patriot, bigot and racist, Sheriff Arpaio! He talked about his rally in Missouri and how he won that state in the election! And he wore that white baseball hat everywhere!  It just happens that the hat can be purchased on his website!  By the way they're not made in America, but in China!  So much for his bringing jobs back to the US!

    Trump failed as a leader. He showed absolutely no empathy or concern for the victims and their families nor for the first responders risking their lives to save others.  He did not see the Texans, of all religions, all ethnicities and all gender identification, the very people he is trying to destroy, helping each other in this time of tragedy. He only say a chance to make a profit on the backs of all those suffering! He failed as a president, a leader and a human being!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

The GOP Goes Nuclear!


    Today Mitch McConnell, the most corrupt, most divisive, and most hypocritical Senate Majority leader of modern times pushed through the nuclear option to have Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, seated on the Supreme Court.  This means that the GOP has changed the rules for approving a Supreme Court nominee from a consensus vote of 60 to a mere majority of 51. This means Gorsuch will be sworn in without a consensus opinion of the Senate, and thus the American people.

    Invoking the nuclear option and okaying Gorsuch forever changes the Senate and perhaps the Supreme Court. He is a far right conservative, who may destroy the advances in civil rights, gay rights, women's rights and the environment, that we have all fought for over the years.  He definitely favors corporations over individual people, the wealthy over the poor and middle class and the extreme religious right over all else!  

    McConnel, for sure is gloating over his perceived victory, forgetting the atrocious behavior he exhibited in denying Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, because it was Obama's last year in office.  What this miscreant does not realize is that the GOP will not be in power forever! As early as 2018 the Democrats could regain control of the Senate and even the House of Representatives.  This could and most likely will come back to bite him in the ass.  

    Not only was his action to invoke the nuclear option extremely partisan and dirty politics, but it should never have happened at a worse time.  McConnell denied Garland a hearing as it was during Obama's last year in office, a partisan and ridiculous rule fabricated by the old goat. This is Trump's first year in office, but it could be his last. This nominee should never  be voted on because Trump is actively under criminal investigation by the FBI, for possibly treason!  The  vote should be delayed until after the FBI and Congressional investigations into Trump's ties with the Russian involvement in his election.  These investigations may discover that more people than Trump and his campaign staff and cabinet members were involved, but even possibly members of Congress and even Gorsuch himself.  It seems as if McConnell is pushing this through in hopes of covering his and other GOP leaders' asses!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

We Really Should Be Afraid


    What do all of the men in the above picture have in common?  They are or were brutal dictators that would do anything to stay in power.  Why should anyone reading this really care about this fact?  Well the terrifying answer to that question is because our current President has a tendency to admire such men!

Wikimedia Commons
     Throughout his campaign Donald Trump has carried out a love fest with Vladimir Putin, the brutal authoritarian leader of Russia, who thinks nothing of murdering his political opponents or anyone who disagrees with him.  Trump has continued to lavish praise on Putin while attacking our democratically elected allies and members of our own government.   The Obama administration insisted that  the dictator of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, must go if there is to be any peace agreement in the years old Syrian civil war.  Assad routinely kills his own people in order to remain in power. Only a couple of months in power, Trump has changed all of that and is willing to accept Assad's brutal regime.

    Trump has also said that China showed  "strength" in putting down the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests where approximately 300 people, mainly students, were killed by the Chinese government.  He even admired Saddam Hussein, for killing terrorists, without having to deal with the justice system.  He also admired the way former Libyan dictator, Qaddafi, used his strength do eliminate his opposition and terrorist elements in his country. Just recently Trump welcomed the leader of Egypt, el Sisi, who took power in a coup and has established himself as an authoritarian leader obliterating any opposition. While Trump may call these dictators "bad guys" or "evil" he obviously admires their mechanisms of holding on to power, while denigrating the democratic processes of our own country.

    In the very short period of time since Trump has been in office he has attacked the press as "the enemy",  a common practice of all dictators.  Throughout his campaign he brutally attacked anyone and everyone who opposed him or said anything negative about him.  Since being President he has attempted to control the news cycles to his advantage, while condemning all factual news as "fake news".  He has put members of his family into staff positions in his administration so as to have more control over his agenda.  Meeting with foreign heads of state and setting foreign policy, traditionally the responsibility of the Secretary of State, are now allocated to Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who has absolutely no foreign policy experience!  The Secretary of State is now just a figurehead, who doesn't event talk with those in his department!  Trump trusts no one, unless that person is a member of his own family, another trait of authoritarian leadership. 

   In the first few weeks of Trump's administration he signed a flurry of executive orders, mistakenly thinking that if he said they were law, they were law. His attempt at governing by decree!  He is now in the process of destroying everything that Obama had done during his eight years in office, obviously in retaliation for Obama making fun of him during a 2012 White House correspondents dinner.  The direction that the Trump administration is taking, to me,  is quite obvious. He is leading this country in the direction of establishing a strict authoritarian regime, with Trump, his family and a few rich oligarchs at the helm.  He is out to destroy our democratic way of life and he could succeed, especially with the help of the spineless Republicans in Congress.

    What is the next step?  I'm afraid to think! Could it be a war started by Trump to solidify his power and wiping out all opposition to his authority?  Could he stage a fake terrorist attack to give a reason to stifle opposition?  We really should be afraid!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

American Coal Miners Can Go Back to Work, Unitl They and the Rest of Us Die from Pollution.

Wikimedia Commons


    Today Trump rolled back regulations on coal mining and the amount of pollution coal burning facilities can release into the environment, thus fulfilling his promise to coal miners to bring back their jobs. These actions have squarely put America back into the 19th century!  I feel sorry for coal miners who have been out of work because of a lack of jobs, but let's face reality, coal mining and coal powered energy plants are a thing of the past.  Burning coal is a filthy destructive process that is being abandoned by the rest of the world.  There is no way to make coal burning cleaner.  Coal miners, traditionally have gone right into the coal mines as soon as they were able to quit school. They have historically lacked the education or the skills to do anything else other than mining coal.  It may sound cruel, but it is their own fault for not preparing for the demise of the coal industry.  Because of their inability to adapt to the changing workforce, coal miners are forced into doing a job that will eventually kill them.  When regulations that were enforced during Obama's years, are rolled back, owners of coal companies will no longer have to pay attention to the health and safety of their workers. 

    Trump's supporters, will no doubt hail him as the savior of their jobs and the coal mining industry, but in reality they are the losers.  He cares nothing about them, their health or their jobs.  All of this deregulation benefits not the coal miners, but the owners of big businesses, who are now free to spew as much pollution into the environment as they wish,  in order to create even larger profits.  What  is even worse, is that once these coal miners begin to suffer from the health hazards of their industry, the Republicans will have succeeded in taking away their healthcare! When they die Trump will shed no tears!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Obamacare is the Law of the Land


    After the Republicans were unable to even take a vote on their repeal of Obamacare, House Speaker Paul Ryan admitted defeat by declaring that "Obamacare is now the law of the land".  The Republican's replacement for Obamacare, Trumpcare, was only favored by 17% of the American people, a dismal failure.  The Democrats did not at all support the bill, while moderate Republicans were against it because too many people would be hurt by it and The Freedom Caucus (the former Tea Party) thought it was too generous and too much like the original Obamacare. Apparently the Freedom Caucus doesn't really give a damn how many poor people dies, as long as there  is a windfall for the wealthy! 

    Immediately after the defeat Trump blamed everyone but himself. He blamed the Democrats because they did not support the bill, while in actuality the Republicans are in the majority and do not need a singe Democratic vote! At first Trump didn't blame Ryan, but just today he changed his mind and placed the blame on Ryan, suggesting he resign. If anyone needs to resign, it's Trump! Trump then totally gave up on offering a decent healthcare bill and decided  to move on to something else to occupy his short and shallow attention span.  He was surprisingly calm about his epic failure, which is quite uncharacteristic. He did however, say he would wait for Obamacare to completely implode, which was a veiled threat that he would do everything in his power to destroy it, regardless of how many people, both his supporters and non-supporters, would suffer.   His whole life he has been a very vindictive person and he is going to retaliate for his failure and take it out on the American people, if he can.

    The United States is the only developed country in the world that does not offer its citizens free healthcare, instead it has the highest healthcare costs in the world, so that CEOs of big pharma and healthcare insurance companies can receive outlandish pay packages.  The Republicans have had over 7 years to come up with a plan that would benefit the American people by offering decent affordable healthcare and keeping costs down, but all they could come up with was a plan to benefit the wealthy, while taking away healthcare from 24 million people and punishing older people, children, middle class families and women! How compassionate of them! 

     For the past 7 years they have promised to repeal Obamacare, the first and only healthcare plan for the American people, which just happened to be from the first Black president.  They succeeded in replacing the actual name of the plan, the Affordable  Care Act, with the name of the Black president who gave it to us, thus linking it to Obama and pandering to its racist base.  It is unbelievable how so many people support the ACA, but not Obamacare!  There is only one sensible solution to the Republican healthcare plan and that is to change the name to something associated to a white person, instead to a person  of color. Perhaps, call it White America Health Plan for Real Americans!  Then all of the GOP and surely all of Trump's supporters can support it!  But the best thing this country can do for its people is to offer healthcare for everyone under Medicare. This will never happen because with the Republicans in Congress, if anything is to be done for the Average American, a hell of a lot more has to be done for the wealthiest of Americans who don't need it!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Who Is Neil Gorsuch and Should He Become a Supreme Court Justice?

Wikimedia Commons

    It's been over a year since Supreme Court Justice Scalia died and his seat has been vacant all of that time , thanks to GOP obstructionists, such as Mitch McConnell. The Republicans did not have enough civility to even interview Obama's nominee for the seat, Merrick Garland.  Instead they ignored both Obama and Garland and waited for the new president to be sworn in, hoping it was a Republican. Now that that disaster has happened and Trump is in office, they are all gung ho in filling Scalia's seat. Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch, a Conservative Republican judge from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Yesterday was his first day of confirmation hearings before members of the Senate.

    Watching his appearance it seemed as his whole performance, especially in answering questions form GOP senators, was very well rehearsed. He was very confident, to the point of arrogance in all of his answers and statements. He declined to reveal any of his views on the many matters which could come before the court in the future.  To me he was a squeaky clean arrogant rich white guy completely devoid of any empathy towards people.  This feeling was shored up by the questioning by Sen. Al Franken, in regards to the truck driver who almost froze to death and was fired by his employer for leaving his vehicle. The truck driver sued his former employer and Judge Gorsuch was the only member of the court to side with the employer in this law suit, sticking strictly with the letter of the law and disregarding any feeling towards the truck driver. This case is known as the "frozen truck driver".

    Gorsuch sided with Hobby Lobby in a lawsuit regarding an employer having to provide birth control to employers. He agreed with the owners of the company's view that birth control was against their religious beliefs.  To me this totally disregards the religious beliefs of the employees and allows discrimination  by religious zealots. This really scares me for the potential future rulings of the Supreme Court in regards to LGBT rights, abortion rights, women's rights and same sex marriage.

   It is highly unlikely that Gorsuch will not be confirmed as the Democrats don't have enough votes to block the nomination. As he is replacing Scalia on the court there will not be a significant change in the direction of the court since he is as far right or even more right than Scalia was.  There is a lot more about Gorsuch that we do not know, but I am sure we will find out. For me the bottom line is that Gorsuch is going to be seated on the court in a position that was stolen from Merrick Garland. If Gorsuch, indeed had any integrity he would refuse the nomination, in favor of Garland. But I am sure he can't wait to put his far right stamp and conservative religious views on American society through his stolen seat.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump's Accusations of Obama Wiretapping

    A couple of weeks ago Trump accused President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower before and during the presidential campaign.  As usual with any and all of Trump's accusations there is no proof offered regarding his allegations. The Justice Department and our intelligence agencies quickly denied that this every happened or could have happened. But that didn't stop the Conspirator-in Chief. He reiterated his baseless accusations and demanded Congress investigate. Surprise! They are doing just that Donald!

    Today in a public hearing before Congress, FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers vehemently denied  Trump's accusations that he or Trump Tower was wiretapped by anyone. They also reiterated that no President could do this! Comey also disputed Trump's accusation that British Intelligence agencies were involved in Trump's paranoid accusations.

    There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to substantiate these wild , maniacal, paranoid tweets of Donal Trump, yet The White House says the President stands by his claims! What must his staff be thinking? This man is seriously mentally ill. If he were just an ordinary private citizen this wouldn't be so serious, but it would raise questions about his ability to be a part of normal society. But Good God, he is the President of the United States!  He has the ability to nuke the entire world! He does not have the mental competence to carry out the duties of his office, yet the Republican Congress is willing to give him a clean bill of mental health, just so they can stay in power!  If they don't do something about his man our country will soon be in grave danger!



Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Leader of the Free World and Trump

Washington Post
    On Friday Donald Trump met with Angela Merkel, The Chancellor of Germany, one of our closest allies.  And once again he made a fool of himself and caused our once great nation major embarrassment. He not only stood by his completely outrageous and demented lie about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, both during and after the campaign, he even tried to tie Germany to his insane conspiracy theory, stating that he and Merkel had being wiretapped in common. By looking at the photo above, from the Washington Post, one can almost read Merkel's mind. "This man is completely insane and unfit to be a world leader" must be the phrase she is thinking of.

    If this was not enough Trump went on to embarrass the country further by once again implicating, perhaps our closest ally, Britain in his paranoid conspiracy theory regarding Obama wiretapping him!
It is becoming apparent that world leaders view him as an unstable lunatic, who cannot be trusted to take a leadership role in the free world. He is a clear and present danger to the stability of Europe and Asia. In just a little over 2 months since his inauguration Trump has managed to destroy the credibility of the presidency and our democracy. In those few short weeks the United States has gone from a word leader to a rudderless rogue nation. We have become the laughing stock of the world! Trump has ceded his position of the leader of the free world to Angela Merkel, who is by far the more intelligent and more capable leader.
    His behavior frightens the free world, but his followers love his bravado. They don't have the intelligence and the world knowledge and awareness to realize that his actions are not only destroying our standing in the world, but our own survival as a democracy.  Every great nation is destroyed, not from the outside, but from the inside, as what happened to the Roman Empire. This can be seen in Trump's budget proposal, where he has attacked the poor, the elderly, the sick, the disabled and children, while adding to the wealth of the top 1%. When his disastrous foreign policy leads us into war, it won't be his children or the children of his billionaire cronies who are sent off to die! The future of our country will be sacrificed so that the wealthy few may reap the greatest economic benefits. People like Ryan and McConnell and the rest of the GOP will be at the forefront welcoming Putin as our new leader!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Trumpcare Findings Announced by the CBO!

Wikimedia Commons

Well the Congressional Budget Office just came out with the figures on the Republicans proposed healthcare plan, Trumpcare.  According to the CBO an estimated 24 million more people will love healthcare by 2016! Those numbers will not come from the wealthy, but the poor and middle class. The deficit would be cut by $333 billion, which undoubtedly go for the construction of Trump's useless 'Wall". Healthcare premiums are projected to rise 15% to 20% for single policy holders. Larger tax credits would be given to wealthier people, whose incomes are 400% of the federal poverty line! Those who will suffer the most will be older working people and younger people.  Of course the Republicans made sure that the CEOs of the health insurance companies will be given $400 million in tax credits. Think of all the iPhones they can buy! 
When every single developed country in the world offers its citizens universal healthcare the Republican assure that only the wealthy can afford healthcare and the rest of us be damned. They say that under this new plan we will be given more options. But what good are more options if we can't afford any of them? I have the option to buy a Ferrari, but there is no way in hell I can afford one! I can barely afford my Ford Focus! Why don't the Republicans want poor and middle class American to have healthcare and why do so many morons vote against their own best interests in continually electing the same people like Ryan and Mitch McConnell?

Thanks Politico for these statistics!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Should We Be Afraid?

It's now been a week since Trump took office and his rhetoric continues to divide Americans, rather making any attempt to unite us. He has slapped gag orders on the departments of the US government, attacked the media for fact checking and spreading "fake news" and threatened those cities where was soundly defeated in the popular vote.  During his campaign we learned just how much of a vindictive person he was, attacking a Gold Star parent, a disabled reporter and various women who have accused him of sexual assault. Now he is President.

The day after his inauguration millions of people worldwide protested his presidency, yet he acted as if it never happened. He continued to live in his alternate universe of denial of reality and attacking all who may disagree with him. Thousand and thousands of people on social media such as Twitter and Facebook express their extreme displeasure with him. Mainstream media is finally summoning up the courage to call him on his lies and conspiracy theories. As this is the end of his first week in office I have to wonder. As their seems to be an attempt at stifling the press and free speech, will Trump's attention now be drawn to ferreting out all of those on social media who posted negative comments about him and then exacting his revenge! Remember what his colleague Richard Branson said in his blog post "Donald Trump told me he wanted "to spend the rest of his life" getting revenge"!  The Republican Congress seems to be unwilling and unable to protect American citizens from a potential authoritarian regime at this time. Do we have reason to be concerned?
#resist #the resistance #trump

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Aristocracy That is Now America

King Donald


As of January 20, 2017, once Democratic America has officially become an authoritarian Aristocracy! Stoking fears of immigrants, Muslims, the LGBT community, foreigners and anyone who is different from a white, male Christian, Donald Trump rode a train of fear, racism and bigotry to the White House. Many people who felt disenfranchised especially economically, fell hook, line and sinker for his divisive rhetoric and promises of an improved life. These people were not swayed by his constant lying, his sexual assaults on women, his mockery of handicapped people and his outright hatred of Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks and other minorities. They didn't bother to investigate him further, choosing to listen to the propaganda of fake news as espoused by Fox News, Breibart and other such far right entities.  They didn't care! They thought he would bring them to riches, as he had done for himself, by inheriting wealth and screwing anyone who worked for him. They were too stupid to know better!

  In his inauguration speech, instead of trying to bring the country together he continued to divide the country and even offered to retaliate against those who voted against him. In his constant delusional state of mind, he insisted that his inauguration crowd was the largest in American history, even though tons of video, photographic and DC transportation department evidence disproves his blatant lies. Every day since his crowning as king, he has not let up on these lies. He now refuses to believe what is a proven fact, that he lost the popular vote "bigly".  He believes 3 million illegal immigrants fraudulently voted in the election!

For all those poor suckers who voted for him with expectations of an improved economic life let's look at what he has done so far.  First, he is a billionaire (supposedly) and he still refuses to release his income taxes, continuing to lie about them being audited. His mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway has told us that he will never release his taxes, even though he made numerous promises to do so during the campaign. Now the morons who voted for him still do have to pay taxes, while their hero most likely hasn't paid taxes in a decade.  Secondly his nominations for his cabinet are all at least millionaires, if not billionaires, with absolutely no experience whatsoever, except for the millions they donated to his campaign! Some nominees have even said they wish to dismantle the very agencies they were nominated to lead, while others have ties with big oil and would be positioned to benefit from their leadership.  According to The,"The amount of wealth possessed by the 17 picks, at least $9.5 billion, is greater than the 43 million least wealthy households in America."!  What makes the Trumpsters think they're going to be any better off under a bunch of millionaires and billionaires who got rich by taking advantage of people like them?  It's like putting a pedophile in charge of the kindergarten or an alcoholic in charge of a bar!

In  his short few days as president he has continued throwing tantrums about the popular vote, his inauguration crowds and the press, but he has accomplished a few things. He has endangered our environment and our health by putting gag orders on the EPA, the National Park Service and the FDA, to name a few. He is attempting to stifle the Freedom of the Press and he has ordered the building of the ridiculous wall. Oh, yeah, Trumpsters, he's taking away your health insurance to see how fast you guys can die off.  Some of his supporters see his reinstatement of the building of the Dakota pipeline and deregulation of some industries as providing jobs. This is true, for the time being, as there will only be temporary jobs created. But that won't really make a difference to the Trump supporters because they will all be gravely ill or dead, along with the rest of us, because of his destroying healthcare, the environment and the FDA, so that his buddies can reap record profits!

As Marie Antoinette once said, "Let them eat cake"!

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