Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Healthcare Choices Under Trump

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I'm so happy that Trump and the GOP have given me a better option for choosing my healthcare!
According to Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R) myself and the rest of us Americans can choose either paying for health insurance or buying an iPhone! It really is a tough choice though. If I have insurance I won't be able to have a phone so I can't call an ambulance or the doctor if I'm sick! If I have a phone I can at least Google my illness or look it up on WebMD!
I guess this would mean my insurance would cost no more than $600, the price of a new iPhone. I'm also happy that the CEO's of the health insurance companies covering my insurance will be given a huge tax break, if they earn at least $500,000, which means all of them! I'm also happy to learn that the older I get the more expensive my insurance will be! Another choice! Food and housing or paying for healthcare! Thank you Republicans for your wonderful plan that makes life worth living only for the rich!

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