Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Biggest Coverup in American History.

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    I can still vividly remember Richard Nixon and Watergate.  I can remember the infamous Saturday night massacre and Nixon's denials and I can remember the hearings in Congress.  I can remember both Republicans and Democrats cooperating to get to the bottom of what happened during the Watergate break in and the subsequent coverups. There was very little partisanship.  The whole process was a lesson in democracy. 

   The current Trump-Russia scandal is by far worse than the Watergate break in.  A foreign country attacked our country by sabotaging our democratic process of electing our president.  Russia literally destroyed a qualified candidate for president and installed someone who was beholding to Putin and his Russian oligarchs.  Even before the election was held our FBI and other intelligence agencies knew of the hacking and release of information to favor Donald Trump, but in a partisan manner withheld the information until well after the election. 
    Now that more and more evidence of Trump's collusion with the Russians is surfacing, members of Trump's cabinet and his top campaign officials are being implicated.  One would think that a bipartisan investigation into Trump's involvement with the Russians would not only be warranted, but eagerly sought to fully investigate this obvious act of war.  But no.  The Republicans are blocking every effort to investigate these allegations and what is much worse, they are actively involved in a coverup to protect Trump!  They have not shared intelligence information with their Democratic counterparts on the House Intelligence Committee, which is tasked with the investigation and have not allowed former Justice Department officials to testify about what they had known and discovered.  Every single ranking Republican, from Paul Ryan, to Mitch McConnell to Rep. Nunes, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, is actively involved in the coverup.  Sen. John McCain is the only Republican with enough integrity and patriotism to put country over party and help save our democracy.

    The Republicans are so power hungry and so elated that they control both Houses of Congress and the Presidency, that they will cheat and lie, committing treason to keep themselves in power.  Because of Russia's attack on our election Trump, Pence and the entire Trump administration are illegitimate! They do not belong in the executive branch. Ryan and McConnell, likewise do not belong, if they continue their treasonous behavior of putting party before country.  They are willing to destroy the country and their party for power and economic gain.  Once this scandal is over and Trump and his cohorts are brought to justice, which they will, the Republican party will irreparably damaged. The country will survive but the GOP will not be able to recover.  

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