Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Why does Donny want to build a wall?
I suppose that everyone is sick and tired by now of our little dictator wannabee, Trump, whining about building his useless, idiotic and unAmerican wall. We have been constantly bombarded by tweets and press conferences where King Donald offers nothing but a steady stream of lies and conspiracy theories.  It's as if he was a spoiled 2 year old who isn't getting his way,  As any spoiled 2 year old would do, he is throwing a temper tantrum.

So why does he want to build his wall?  The answer is really quite simple.  Besides the help he got from Putin, Trump received, and still does receive, the overwhelming support of a rather small percentage of mostly uneducated, racist and bigoted people, who believe anything he says.  He promised them that he would build a wall to keep out those terrible Mexicans.  He really didn't think he was going to be elected, so he thought he could say and promise anything.  Well to everyone's surprise, and dismay, he was elected.

Thinking ahead to 2020 and wishing to remain in power and even strengthen his power,  he feels that he has to deliver on that promise to build a wall, no matter how useless and expensive it may be.  Since a  majority of the American people, and probably a majority of Congressmen, are opposed to a wall and refuse to give him his $5 billion to pay for it, he has refused to accept the proposed budget and shut the government down.  He doesn't care how many people are being hurt by the shutdown and he doesn't care how much damage it is causing our economy.  All he cares about is himself!

Meeting with House Speaker Pelosi and Democratic leader Schumer Trump agreed to take credit for the shutdown, only later to deny he said it and blame the Democrats.  He continues to blame everyone except for himself.  He does not seem phased by the number of families who can't pay their rent or mortgage or other bills.  He doesn't care if the safety and security of our air travel are being negatively affected.  He doesn't care if our military isn't being paid, as long as he and his family aren't suffering.  He doesn't care who gets hurt as long as he gets his wall for his racist and bigoted supporters.

If the Democrats give in to him and give him the money for his wall we will be in grave danger.  He will know that his tantrum worked and he will shut down the government, again and again, to get whatever he wants.  What happens if he wants dictatorial powers?  We have a corrupt, fearful and spineless Republican party who will not challenge a mentally disturbed President.  This shutdown is bad but I fear the worst is yet to come.  

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