How Steveso Thinks Came To Be

In 2011 I began writing my first blog about my life in Malaysia, after retiring from my job in Boston and moving to Penang, Malaysia. This blog is called Retired in Malaysia and chronicles how I moved here and how I am living my retirement here. I thought writing a blog would be a good way to keep my mind active and possibly make a little extra money.  A short time after starting my retirement blog I decided to write a political blog, which for a while allowed me to share my views on American politics. After starting that blog I realized that I had more things on my mind than just politics, so I decided to start Steveso Thinks.

My purpose in writing Steveso Thinks was to express my views about anything that was of interest to me or anything that directly effected my life and happiness. The more I wrote on my blog the more I realized that many of the topics concerned politics, especially liberal politics and social issues. For almost all of my life I kept my feelings and thoughts to myself and I lived my life the way others thought I should live my life. Now I am living my life  the way I want to live it. When I express my views I don't do so to start an argument with anyone and I really don't care if people agree with me or not.

My views on politics and social issues may be viewed as quite liberal and I make no apologies for that. I am living in Malaysia because our Conservative Republican politicians enacted DOMA, which denies me the same rights as other Americans. Being forced into exile in another country is insult enough, but the same government penalizes me for living abroad. I also don't apologize for who or what I am. I will at times attack religion, especially The Catholic Church and other Christians, as they espouse their hypocritical and bigoted teachings. I was raised a Catholic and educated in Catholic schools, where I learned to hate who I was. Now I have rejected their bigotry and hatred and have finally accepted who I am. I think I am more of a Christian than those who condemn anyone with Biblical quotes, who looks differently, acts differently, behaves differently and prays differently.

Occasionally I will write something which is not very deep or philosophical, but just ticks me off or I will write about an odd experience or something that just happened to be on my mind at the time. I hope some day I can garner many followers and actually make a little pocket money writing this blog. But if I don't ever become rich or famous at least I am sharing and expressing my views, either to a few of my friends and family members or to many who share my views or are negatively effected by what our government does or does not do. For those who choose to read my blog I say thank you and I hope you enjoy reading it. I would also love to think that someday my blog could make a difference in someones life, by offering some support or showing them they are not alone. I welcome everyone's comments, but I will not entertain comments which are designed to argue or disagree with my thoughts. It's finally my turn to talk and I don't want to argue my feelings. After all the blog says "Steveso Thinks".
Thank You.

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